Vehicular Accidents

Truck Safety

The recent tragic events surrounding the death of a well known optometrist in Anaheim Hills has re-focused the Orange County community on truck safety. On March 8, 2001, a dump truck with attached trailer apparently lost its brakes traveling down Imperial Highway at the intersection of Nohl Ranch Road, in Anaheim Hills. Due to the… read more

Truck Safety Update

The driver who lost control of an overloaded dump truck when its brakes malfunctioned on steep Nohl Ranch Road — resulting in the death of a Los Alamitos man and injuries to six other people — was recently told that he should be tried for gross vehicular manslaughter. Deputy District Attorney Michael Pear argued that… read more

On The Road

With the travel season upon us, it is important to remember that a safe, pleasant trip begins well before you leave your home. It starts with preparation. It seems that every year, we handle cases that unfortunately involve serious automobile accidents which have occurred during travel and vacation time. While even the best of precautions… read more

Fall 2004 Newsletter

 AITKEN * AITKEN * COHN REDUCE RISK OF INJURY IN CAR CRASHES A news article that recently crossed our desks outlined some simple tips to help avoid physical injury in the common rear-end vehicle collision.  They include: Brace yourself– Contrary to the popular opinion that a loose and relaxed posture helps prevent injury, bracing oneself… read more