Vehicular Accidents

$625,000: Passenger Collects $625,000 for Injuries Resulting from Street Racing Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION: Ms. Roe was a passenger in a car driven by Parees G, which was involved in a street race with a car driven by Mohsen M, whose passenger was Arya A.  Parees lost control of his vehicle and hit a wall, resulting in his death and causing severe injuries to Ms. Roe. RESULT:… read more

$640,000: Happy Hour Truck Driver Versus Pedestrian

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff, Diane P., was Plaintiffs brought a lawsuit for personal injury damages, negligent infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium.   Diane P. left her home in Costa Mesa to take her usual evening walk.  It was a clear evening with good visibility.  She was about two blocks from her home and approaching… read more

$650,000: Tractor Trailer Causes Fatal Car Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Tractor trailer makes U-turn at night on MacArthur Blvd. Two cars crashed into the trailer resulting in the death of two individuals.  Plaintiff argued that poor lighting and no warnings for on coming traffic were contributing conditions that led to the accident.  Defendants claimed that the Decedent was at fault. RESULT:  $650,000.00 total… read more

$675,000: Accident Involving Two Semi Trucks

CASE DESCRIPTION: Defendant made a U-Turn in his tractor trailer from the side of the road in front of the Plaintiff in his tractor trailer. Plaintiff was unable to stop in time. Plaintiff brought suit to recover medical expenses and other damages. RESULT: $675,000.00 total settlement Vernon B. was traveling Westbound in a tractor trailer… read more

$700,000: Vehicle With Two Children Crashes When Brakes Go Out

CASE DESCRIPTION: A father was fixing up truck for his son to use. While rebuilding the older model truck the father had the power brakes rebuilt by ABS Power Brake, since the part was not available. After installing the rebuilt brakes and testing them, the father took his son and daughter out for a test… read more

$704,029: Injured Doctor Collects Against His Own Insurance Through His UIM Coverage

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff slowed down for traffic jam on the 22 freeway when he was rear-ended by a driver who did not slow down. Driver settled for his policy limits which did not cover Plaintiff’s damages. Plaintiff then brought a claim against his underinsured motorist insurance policy. RESULT: $704,029.07 total settlement Plaintiff was driving down… read more

$750,000: Who Ran The Red Light?

CASE DESCRIPTION: James Olson was turning left on the green turn arrow at the intersection when defendant ran the red light and collided with Mr. Olson’s vehicle. RESULT: $ 750,000 At approximately 5:30 a.m. on June 11, 2008, James Olson was following his normal morning routine by traveling westbound on Bryan Avenue on his way… read more

$750,000: Aviation Insurance Company Pays Over Ten Years After Airplane Disappeared

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff brought suit to recover insurance policy limits from a plane crash that involved her father, husband, and son.  Originally the plane disappeared and could not be found by any search parties.  The plane wreckage was finally discovered eight years after its disappearance.  The Defendant raised issues regarding statute of limitations and disputed… read more

$750,000: 20 Year Old Killed In Police Pursuit

CASE DESCRIPTION: Decedent was traveling down a residential street in the middle of the day. Upon reaching an intersection the Decedent collided with a police officer responding to a call for assistance. Although she was driving at a safe speed and wearing her seatbelt, the young woman died on the scene due to her head… read more

$800,000: College Student Suffers Skull Fracture In Auto Collision

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff was a belted passenger in a vehicle driven by the Defendant.  Defendant made an illegal U-turn trying to reach a parking spot.  The vehicle was struck broadside on the passenger side by a vehicle traveling in the other direction.  Plaintiff brought suit to recover for medical expenses, personal injury and loss income. … read more