Vehicular Accidents

$850,000: State Farm Employee Collects On UIM Claim

CASE DESCRIPTION: On 8/27/02, plaintiff, Gilbert G. was driving his 1993 Toyota Camry on El Toro Road at its intersection with Serrano in Lake Forest, California.  Mr. Gilbert G. was stuck in the aforementioned intersection defendant, this Audrey W.  She stated that she was talking to her brother as she entered the intersection and thought the… read more

$940,000: Auto Versus Auto Head-On Collision Leads To Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Defendant was speeding down a slopping curve in a light rain when he lost control crossed the center line resulting in accident with the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff sued for damages to recover medical expenses, loss of income and other costs related to her post-traumatic stress disorder. RESULT:  $940,000.00 total settlement On January 2, 1998,… read more

$950,000: Out Of Control Water Truck Causes Death of Motorcyclist

CASE DESCRIPTION: The plaintiff was riding a motorcycle westbound on Highway 2, when that water truck spun out of control from the eastbound lane colliding head-on with a motorcycle, killing the plaintiff.  The defendant lost control of his vehicle because another vehicle was stopped in the eastbound lane.  The driver of the second vehicle was… read more

$950,000: Tow Truck Backs Up Over Man Peforming Maintenance On Underground Gas Tanks

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff was performing maintenance on service station equipment when the Defendant backed his tow truck into the Plaintiff. The tow truck struck and rolling over the Plaintiffs lower body. Plaintiff brought suit to recovery medical expenses and loss of income. The Defendants disputed liability and the actual damages incurred by the Plaintiff. RESULT:… read more

$951,219.05: Freeway Trucking Mishap Severely Injures Post-Grad Student

CASE DESCRIPTION:  The plaintiff was involved in a multi-car collision, which resulted in him having several corrective surgeries. RESULT:  $951,219.05 total settlement On August 28, 2003, plaintiff Hoan L. was severely injured in a multi-vehicle collision on westbound State Route 60.  Mr. Hoan L., a student working on a post-graduate teaching certification at California State… read more

$1,000,000: Truck Slams into Rear End of Plaintiffs Vehicle on 1-15 Freeway

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs John L, his wife Lucy L and brother-in-law Doug D were in John L’s Mercedes Benz CLK 320 traveling westbound on the I-15 freeway around 12:30 p.m. when traffic suddenly started to slow in front of them.  Mr. L was driving and he noticed a large pick up truck bearing down on… read more

$1,001,000: Real Estate Broker Collects Over $1Million For Knee Injury In Auto Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION:  a real estate broker suffered chronic knee pain as a result of a car accident.  Due to her injured knee the broker could not perform her job of showing homes to clients with the same effectiveness as she previously did.  The broker brought suit to recover medical and economic damages.  The defendant disputed that… read more

$1,015,000: Drunk Driver Slams Into Taxi, Killing Driver And Injuring Pedestrian

CASE DESCRIPTION:  A drunk driver ran into a taxi cab pulled off to the side of the road.  The plaintiff was standing beside the taxi cab and was severely injured.  The defendants claimed that the taxi cab driver was negligent by being on the side of the road. RESULT:  $1,015,000.00 total settlement On August 31,… read more

$1,160,000: UPS Driver Collects Over Seven Figure Settlement in Auto v. Tractor Trailer Incident

CASE DESCRIPTION: This litigation arose out of a tragic automobile incident that occurred on May 20, 2004.  Plaintiff Bruce B, in a UPS tractor trailer and in the course and scope of his employment, was struck on the side of his tractor trailer by Defendant Mina R while he was crossing the intersection of El… read more

$1,250,000: Surgeon Fractures Femur In Bicycle Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Cyclist hit while crossing street through a green light.  Auto made right hand turn in front of the cyclist, cutting him off.  The cyclist hit the side of the car and suffered a fractured femur.  Plaintiff brought suit for medical expenses and loss of earnings. RESULT:  $1,250,000.00 total settlement Plaintiff was cycling westbound… read more