Vehicular Accidents

$1,250,000: Bicycle Rider Crashes After Defendant Turns Left Immediately In Front of Him

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff Doe was riding his bicycle downhill on Euclid Avenue, when Defendant Roe made a left hand turn in front of Plaintiff intending to turn from Euclid Avenue onto San Antonio Crest.  Plaintiff contended that Defendant Roe failed to observe Plaintiff on his bicycle, and made an illegal left hand turn directly in… read more

$1,340,000: Newpaper Delivery Person Causes Death Of Motorcyclist

CASE DESCRIPTION:  The defendant turned directly in front of the John M. causing an accident resulting in John M’s death.  Linda M. brought suit against the driver, his employer and the State of California in order to determine the ultimate cause of the accident. RESULT:  $1,340,000.00 total settlement On January 24, 2003, John M. was killed when… read more

$1,460,000: Two Civilians Injured in Military Helicopter Crash

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiffs were civilian military contractors maintaining equipment on the Fort Irwin Military Reservation.  They were transported via helicopter to various cites.  During one trip the helicopter crashed.  Plaintiffs brought suit against the Government claiming that the accident was foreseeable.  The Defendant disputed liability. RESULT:  $1,460,000.00 total settlement Plaintiffs were civilian military contractors maintaining… read more

$1,587,000: Commuter Killed In Multi-Truck Mishap

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Decedent rear ended a tractor trailer rig that was stopped on the 57 Freeway in the early morning.  A second truck collided with Plaintiff, sandwiching Plaintiff between the trucks.  Decedent’s family brings a wrongful death suit claiming that the driver was negligent for stopping the tractor trailer in the middle of the freeway… read more

$1,624,554.50: Traumatic Brain Injury in Motorcycle v. Auto Collision Leads to One of Largest Results in Colorado History for a PI Lawsuit

CASE DESCRIPTION: Gloria G was a passenger on her husbands motorcycle.  They were riding with approximately 20 other motorcyclists who belonged to the same motorcycle club.  Plaintiffs’ contended that defendant Ryan S’s car crossed from the northbound lane of traffic into the southbound lane in which Mr. and Mrs. G were riding their motorcycle.  The… read more

$2,200,000: Malibu Teens Collect Policy Limits When Teenage Driver Loses Control Of BMW

CASE DESCRIPTION: The Plaintiffs, Kendall G and Danielle S, were passengers in a high powered BMW being driven by Hannah B, the daughter of  Lost director, Jack B.  Plaintiffs contended that Defendant, Hannah B, recklessly drove over a known “dip” in the road in Malibu, attempting to catch air, such that the defendant B lost… read more

$2,500,000: Insurance Co. Flip-Flops As To Whether Their Client Was At Fault In An Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION: The plaintiff was involved in an auto accident with and uninsured motorist. The uninsured motorist sued plaintiff for their injuries. Plaintiff’s insurance carrier (defendant) defended the plaintiff in that action claiming no liability. However, when the plaintiff sought to collect on their under insured motorist policy, defendant began claiming the plaintiff was at… read more

$2,650,000: $2.65 Million Settlement In Truck v. Truck Collision Due To Slippery Trench Plates

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff was driving in the rain up Pacific Coast Highway near Laguna Beach.  Defendant was driving employers van down Pacific Coast highway, crossed the center line and collided with Plaintiff head on.  On the section of road where the accident occurred, road construction was taking place and several hundred feet of “trench plates”… read more

$2,700,000: Wife & Mother Lost In Drunk Driving Collision

CASE DESCRIPTION: A woman was struck by another driver who ran a red light while speeding and drunk. The guilty driver was driving a vehicle leased for his use by his employer. The Plaintiffs brought suit on the basis of wrongful death and loss of consortium against the guilty driver and his employer. The driver… read more

$3,000,000: Dump Truck Loses Control at Job Site Killing Young Geologist

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff Jason B, an employee of The Reynolds Group, was performing soils testing at a construction site in San Diego because there had been previous contamination of soil at the site. A large building was going to be erected at the construction site, and at the time of the incident the site was… read more