Vehicular Accidents

$3,100,000: Fatal Crosswalk Mishap Involving 72 Year Old Leads To Record $3.1 Million Settlement

CASE DESCRIPTION: 72 year old man was fatally injured as a result of severe head injuries he sustained after being struck by a commercial vehicle. The Decedent was a pedestrian in a crosswalk area when he was struck by Defendant’s vehicle RESULT: $3,100,000.00 total settlement Husband and wife had left their home on the morning… read more

$3,400,000: Plaintiffs Collect $3,400,000 Settlement For Disputed Automobile V. Pedestrian Incident

CASE DESCRIPTION: The plaintiff, John H, was struck by Defendant’s company vehicle while he was walking across Pacific Coast Highway, in Laguna Beach, in a marked crosswalk.  Terry H, John’s wife, brought a case for loss of consortium. RESULT: $3,400,000 This litigation arose out of an incident that occurred on January 25, 2006, at approximately… read more

$3,493,000: Reckless Drunk Driver and Road Construction Leads To Death of a 20 year-old

CASE DESCRIPTION:  20 year old female killed in a head-on collision by a reckless drunk driver in the course and scope of employment.  Road  construction also contributed to the accident.  Each Defendant disputed personal liability. RESULT:  $3,493,503.00 total verdict The Decedent was killed in an auto accident when the Defendant drove his company vehicle over… read more

$4,127,000: Suit Settled for $4,127,096.19 In Trucking Death Of Optometrist In Anaheim Hills

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Anthony S., under the influence of amphetamines and methamphetamine, was driving an overloaded dump truck with an attached trailer down the 12% steep grade on southbound Imperial Highway in violation of the local ordinances.  The truck had defective brakes.  Anthony S. ran a red light and struck the Chevrolet Blazer driven by Dr…. read more

$4,454,000: Contaminated Fuel Clogs Fuel Line Resulting In Crash Of Small Plane

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff is injured in plane crash occurring shortly after take off.  The cause of the accident was found to be due to fuel starvation resulting from negligent maintenance of the plane.  One Defendant argued that the crash was actually due to pilot error.  Another Defendant attempted to distance itself from liability by claiming… read more

$4,500,000: Erratic Driver Kills Young Father Blaming Seizure For the Crash

CASE DESCRIPTION: Defendant driver was observed by witnesses driving erratically, passing cars, and changing lanes at a high rate of speed.  She ultimately struck the deceased’s vehicle from the rear as she tried to pass him.  The contact caused the deceased to lose control of his vehicle and strike the traffic signal light post on… read more

$5,750,000: Left Turning Truck Causes Collision on US-101

CASE DESCRIPTION: The defendant attempted to make a left turn across the US Highway 101 while towing a large piece of farming equipment with a flatbed truck.  The defendant was unable to clear the road before oncoming traffic crossed their path.  The plaintiff struck the rear portion of the trailer.  The driver suffered severe mental… read more

$6,200,000: Drunk Driver Hits Parked Car

CASE DESCRIPTION: During the early morning hours of January 13, 2006, Plaintiff 1, was called to Newport Coast Road to assist his son, Plaintiff 3, whose BMW vehicle had suffered a mechanical breakdown.  Plaintiff 1 parked his vehicle on the shoulder, completely outside the lanes of traffic, and approximately two car lengths behind his son’s… read more

$6,868,000: Legal Whodunit Solved In Quadriplegic’s Favor In Santa Ana Eight Year Battle

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff, while a passenger in his own car, was rendered a quadriplegic from a collision.  Plaintiff brought cause of action against the driver of his own car.  The jury ruled in favor for the Plaintiff, but also found him to be comparatively negligent. RESULT:  $6,868,894.00 total verdict.  Note: Since the plaintiff was found… read more

$7,062,000: Paralyzed Military Veteran’s Auto/Med Mal Case Resolved During Jury Selection

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff entered into the intersection of Ball Road and Moody in the City of Cypress. At the same time a Bob-tail delivery truck made a left turn in front of Willie P’s car. A collision ensued. Willie P. was transported to UCI Medical Center to receive treatment. He had suffered an aortic tear and was… read more