Wrongful Death

The Fatal Cost of Fraternity Hazing: Richard Cohn Featured in the New York Times and NBC News

What happens when the “fun and games” turn deadly? Ten years ago, AAC Partner Richard Cohn was secured by the family of Kenny Luong to represent them in a case of wrongful death by a fraternity hazing ritual against Lambda Phi Epsilon. Now following the announcement that prosecutors are planning to criminally charge members of… read more

$1,500,000: Nurse Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death of Teacher Following Lower Back Surgery

CASE DESCRIPTION: Decedent died due to bleeding after low back surgery. He sustained a retroperitoneal hemorrhage, left side from diaphragm to pelvis and an estimated blood loss greater than 1000 cc’s. The bleed was due to a small puncture of a vessel at the time of the surgery. The nurses failed to call the surgeon… read more

Passenger in Car-Attraction at Walt Disney World Killed in Deadly Crash

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (April 12, 2015) — A passenger in a Disney attraction Lamborghini was killed when the car spun out of control and crashed into the guardrail. Gary Terry, the 36-year-old passenger, was pronounced dead at the scene while the 24-year-old driver, Tavon Watson, was left with minor injuries. CNN reported that the crash took… read more

Are there Design and/or Maintenance Issues with the Beechcraft Super King?

The recent tragedy at the Long Beach airport in Long Beach, California on March 16th, 2011, resulting in the death of five occupants, including the pilot, continues to raise questions regarding the safety of the Beechcraft Super King Aircraft involved. This incident is erringly similar to litigation being handled by this office arising from a… read more

$1,015,000 Settlement for a Fatal Orange County Motorcycle Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION On February 2, 2009 at approximately 4:00 PM, James M., was riding his motorcycle east of Harbor Boulevard in the City of Garden Grove.  The Defendant, Mr. Murrieta, returning home from a work related project, lost control of his vehicle, which resulted in a three vehicle collision involving James M.  The Plaintiffs’ decedent… read more

$1,250,000: Bike Accident Leads to Wrongful Death Settlement

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs Christopher U. and Hayke C. filed a suit against the Defendant Ms. T’s employment for the wrongful death of their father Mr. U.  The Defendant was operating her vehicle in the course and scope of employment at the time of the incident. On May 14, 2008, the Plaintiffs’ father, age 65, set… read more

$1,350,000: Parents Collect Insurance Policy Limits for the Death of Their Son as the Results of a Single Vehicle Auto Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION: Parents, Cary and Emily R. of the deceased, Plaintiff Zachary R., filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Defendants James M., Mark M. and Mark L. for the tragic loss of their only son. The defendants Mark M. and Mark L. were partaking in a speed contest on Live Oak Canyon Road that resulted… read more

$300,000: Hunter Killed When Ranch Guest Negligently Mishandles Rifle

CASE DESCRIPTION: Defendant was guest on Plaintiff’s ranch for the purposes of recreational hunting. Defendant kept in the back seat of his truck a loaded rifle pointed at the back seat with the safety off. At one point the Decedent opened the back door of the truck causing the rifle to discharge. Decedent’s family brought… read more

$450,000: Dial-A-Ride Driver Improperly Secures Plaintiff’s Wheelchair Resulting in Fatal Head Injury

RESULT: $450,000 from MV Transportation. CASE DESCRIPTION: David G, deceased, and his wife Sofia, rode the City of Cerritos Dial-A-Ride van to Mr. G’s dialysis treatments, three times a week.  On the date of incident, while making a left turn from Gridley Road, Mr. G fell onto his right side and struck the right side… read more

$500,000: Smoke Detectors Fail Resulting In Death

CASE DESCRIPTION: A fire broke out from a table lamp in the plaintiffs’ rented home. The smoke detectors in the residence failed to warn the occupants resulting in the death of the father and one of the children in the household. Plaintiffs brought suit against the owners of the home on the ground of dangerous… read more