Verdicts and Settlements

$2,100,000: 81 Year-Old Pedestrian Struck By Automobile Leads To Record Settlement

CASE DESCRIPTION: An elderly lady was hit by a car trying to make a right turn when she stepped off of curb to cross the street. Plaintiff argued the driver was liable since she failed yield to the pedestrian. Plaintiff also argued the owner of the car was liable for negligently entrusting the driver with… read more

$14,595,000: An Anesthesiologist’s Negligence Renders A Promising Young Student Blind

CASE DESCRIPTION: A 24 year old student/lifeguard supervisor went in for a routine 15 minute outpatient surgery to treat an ankle fracture. While under general anesthesia Mr. John C. was inadequately oxygenated or ventilated. As a result Mr. John C. suffered a cardiac arrest and subsequently slipped into a three and one half week coma…. read more

$325,000: Armored Vehicle Runs Red Light and Smashes Into Plaintiff

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Defendant, while driving an armored vehicle, ran a red light causing an auto accident.  Plaintiff sustained liver, knee, and ankle injuries.  Plaintiffs brought suit regarding personal injury and loss of consortium.  Liability was stipulated. RESULT:  $325,000 total settlement Plaintiffs in this matter were Joanne R. and her husband, Michael R.  They have been married… read more