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Santa Ana Bicycle Accident AttorneyWe are aware of the complications that might result from a bicycle accident. All accidents involving bicycles are serious ones. Being injured in an accident with a motor vehicle can be disastrous, even when wearing a helmet and other safety equipment. You may be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one was hurt in a bicycle accident that was the fault of another individual due to their negligence. We understand that money cannot make up for the pain you’ve endured. To help you on your road to recovery, a personal injury claim may be able to offer you considerable compensation. Our Santa Ana bicycle accident attorneys take pride in standing up for the rights of those who have been injured every day. You can get in touch with us so we can fight for your rights.

Bicycle Accident Liability

Bicyclists in California are given the same obligations and rights as drivers. As a result, bicycle laws specific to the area are added to liability claims, which are treated similarly to car-on-car crashes in terms of showing a motorist is responsible for your losses.

Santa Ana Bicycle Accidents: Common Causes

Accidents involving bicycles can be caused for several various reasons, much like accidents involving motor vehicles, but because cyclists are less shielded than drivers or passengers, they are at a far higher risk of suffering catastrophic or fatal injuries. Additionally, a bicycle accident may be caused by a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Collisions at intersections: When a car driver fails to stop for a bike at a junction, a rear-end collision results. Often, the motorist cannot brake in time because they are traveling too quickly or following too closely. Often, the motorist cannot brake in time because they are traveling too quickly or following too closely.
  • Collisions caused by left-turning vehicles: A automobile turning left as a bike passes through an intersection. Unaware drivers have the potential to ram into or pull out in front of bicyclists, sending them crashing into the side of the vehicle.
  • Collisions involving right-hand turns: These take place when a car is approaching an intersection when a bicycle is traveling straight and makes a right turn, crossing the bike lane. Sometimes the driver of the car forgets to indicate their turn to warn the bike.
  • Accidents involving doors: A driver may open a door without first looking behind to see whether a cyclist is coming. The biker may find it quite simple to smash into the door.

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Statute of Limitation

Bicyclists in California have a limited amount of time following a bicycle accident to file a claim for damages. The limitation period is a time restriction of two years that starts on the day of your injury. However, it is occasionally feasible to extend the statutory term if you learn about your injuries later on. For minors who are harmed, there is another exemption in which the statute of limitations begins at age 18 rather than the date of the accident.

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