Top Questions When Hiring A Personal Injury Firm

1. Has your firm handled a case like mine?

It’s essential to work with a firm that has represented individuals who have suffered from injuries in any variety of circumstances including, but not limited to, car accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice, birth injuries, premises liability, and product liability. You will want to know if the firm has the expertise and is well-positioned to provide first-class representation to the individual who has suffered from personal injuries in any variety of circumstances. A personal injury claim may seem relatively straightforward; however, that’s not always the case. Many claims can be complex and contentious, especially if the injuries are severe or if large corporations are involved.

2. Is your firm willing to take my case to trial?

About 5% of personal injury claims go to trial. With this in mind, it’s vital to work with a firm with courtroom experience that will work diligently to prepare your personal injury case for trial to ensure you receive the maximum compensation. While most lawsuits settle, you want to find an attorney that isn’t afraid of courtroom sparing and enjoys going to trial.

3. What is your firm’s track record for verdicts and settlements?

Hiring an attorney with a successful track record greatly increases your chances of a favorable recovery. Attorneys with solid track records are also likely to maximize settlements for their clients.

4. Does your firm have the financial and personnel resources to take on my case?

Most lawsuits involving serious or catastrophic personal injuries can be costly to take to court. To solve a case, attorneys will have to work with experts and investigators, which can be expensive. The law firm you choose must have the financial resources necessary to fight and win complicated personal injury cases.

5. Does your firm pay close attention to details and deadlines?

Personal injury cases are generally some of the most complicated. For this reason, successful personal injury attorneys need to have meticulous attention to detail and the time necessary to investigate the facts of your case carefully.

6. What type of reputation does your firm have in the legal community?

The ideal law firm has an excellent reputation in the legal field and upholds the highest professional and ethical standards. Having a reputable, well-respected firm on your side also increases your chance of winning your case.

7. How would you describe your approach to handling client cases?

A law firm should offer a client-focused approach that can establish personal connections with clients. A reputable law firm should be able to take each client’s case and develop a unique strategy based on the client’s needs to help ensure their case obtains a successful resolution. It’s advantageous to choose a firm that is selective about the cases it handles and believes its clients are best served through the personal attention that its current staffing and caseload can provide.

8. Is your firm committed to keeping clients informed and involved throughout the

Maintaining consistent communication ensures that the attorneys handling your case are as transparent as possible regarding case status, investigations, or any other legal decisions they make along the way.

9. Have the attorneys are your firm received awards and accolades for their results and leadership in the legal field?

Personal injury attorneys who have demonstrated their leadership and expertise in the legal field are repeatedly honored yearly. Being recognized by online legal publications such as Best Lawyers of America, Super Lawyers, and Lawdragon proves that the firm has excelled in its practice.

10. Are the attorneys at your firm members of professional legal organizations?

From local bar associations to national non-profit legal organizations, these organizations are the foundation for the community of legal professionals. These organizations include the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association, the Orange County Bar Association, Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC), the American Board of Trial Advocates Foundation, the American Association for Justice (AAJ), and more.

11. What is your firm’s reputation among its peers?

Respect is earned by consistently providing competent and dedicated legal representation and achieving successful results in the personal injury field and in their practice locations.

12. Does your firm have knowledge of state and federal laws concerning my case?

Working with a law firm that is familiar with all of the laws relevant to your case is essential. State and federal laws are different, often amended, and if your personal injury attorney is not up to date on the latest ratifications, it can impact the outcome of your case.

13. Does your firm have the knowledge of medical issues impacting my case?

The firm must have a good understanding of the medical issues associated with your injuries. Your attorney should have a network of medical experts who can testify on your behalf to demonstrate the value of your damages.

14. How does your firm handle fees and costs?

Clients come to personal injury attorneys during a painful and challenging time and should understand the profound impact a severe injury can have on someone’s financial health. A firm that operates on a contingency fee arrangement will not make the client pay any money unless they can secure a favorable verdict or settlement on your behalf.

15. Does your firm have positive reviews and testimonials?

A history of positive testimonials from previous clients says a lot about a law firm’s dedication to its clients and their cases. A law firm should be able to provide an extensive list of testimonials from past clients discussing their experience while working with the law firm.