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Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycle accidents are dreadful events in which the motorcyclist nearly invariably sustains more harm than the other party. In crashes, motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable and are usually seriously wounded. The physical effects of a motorbike accident might range from head and brain damage to even death. Motorcycle riders may also suffer costly damage to property and psychological suffering. Although a motorcycle accident cannot be undone, the courts do provide injured parties with financial remedies. Speak with our knowledgeable Santa Ana motorcycle accident lawyer at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn right away following an accident.

Common Reasons For Motorcycle Crashes

Despite their best efforts, motorcycle riders can still have accidents for a variety of reasons, including:

Unfocused Drivers

Motorcycles are harder to spot for many drivers than automobiles and trucks because of their low profiles, especially for those who aren’t paying great attention to their surroundings. Drivers turning in front of motorbikes because they don’t notice them cause thousands of motorcycle accidents every year in California.

Road Risks

Roadways must be kept in excellent shape and free of dangers like potholes and loose asphalt or gravel, which can be deadly for motorcyclists. This is the responsibility of the state and local governments. A Santa Ana wrongful death attorney can assist you if a loved one has been killed due to unsafe roadways.

Communication Issues

Riders frequently travel in groups, but these groups must maintain open lines of communication to avoid collisions or intrusions into the lanes of other riders.

Steps To Take After A Santa Ana Motorcycle Accident

The steps you take immediately after a motorbike accident are crucial and may affect your claim. You need to call the police right away so they can come to the scene.

Take as many pictures of the situation if you are not badly hurt and can do so securely. It would be beneficial if you took photographs of all the cars, motorbikes, and the surrounding area. Keep an eye out for any debris, skid marks, or other possible contributing reasons to the crash. Photos are crucial because they capture the scene just after the incident. You cannot replicate it by commencing your research after a few days.

Take note of any witnesses who stopped, and make sure to acquire their contact details. Most often, witnesses will hang around the area until the cops show up. Getting a witness’s contact information, however, might be very helpful if they have to leave before the police show up in the claims investigation.

Be careful with what you say there at the incident site. Speaking to the other motorist, even briefly, might be used against you in the event of an accident since the other driver’s insurance company will claim that you were admitting fault.

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Reasons for Engaging Our Santa Ana Law Firm

The Santa Ana motorcycle accident lawyers at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn will dig deep into your case, commonly rejecting preliminary offers from the insurance provider, to ensure that your best interests are held above all else. Any law firm may be able to help you file and swiftly close your claim. Reasons to work with our firm include:

  • extensive knowledge of California law
  • submitting an insurance claim
  • figuring out your damages
  • Reaching settlements
  • aggressive representation and litigation

Any motorbike victim can seek compensation on their own, but sadly, many of them settle for less than they are entitled to. To make sure you receive fair compensation for your injuries, our firm will fight for you at every turn.

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Every biker and motorcycle passenger must wear a helmet when traveling in California. Motorcycle riders and passengers, even while wearing the appropriate safety equipment, are nevertheless prone to life-threatening injuries in an accident. You can get the most amount of compensation for your injuries with the assistance of our Santa Ana motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact us today.