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Car accidents at any speed may cause serious accidents. Unfortunately, at higher rates of speed, drivers may cause more serious accidents—and more severe injuries. The faster a vehicle traveled, the more serious the injuries suffered by the passengers in that vehicle and others struck by it. Speeding may also significantly increase the likelihood of an accident. At higher speeds, drivers may struggle more to control their vehicles. Not only that, other drivers may struggle more to predict their actions and avoid accidents. If you suffered serious injuries in an accident with a speeding vehicle, do not attempt to handle your insurance claim on your own. Contact Aitken * Aitken * Cohn today at (714) 434-1424 to learn how we can provide you with vital support and assistance throughout the process.

Why Aitken * Aitken * Cohn Are the Speeding Accident Attorneys for You

In March 2019, Inland Empire Magazine named Aitken * Aitken * Cohn’s attorneys as the top attorneys in the Inland Empire for the third year in a row—and that’s only one of the awards offered to our law firm in the past few years alone.

Wylie Aitken has appeared in the Irish Legal 100 for nine years in a row and has received mention as one of the Top 500 Influential People in Orange County. Casey Johnson, another of our attorneys, has received the Be the Change award for 2019.

All eight qualified lawyers in the company also received recognition in the 2019 Best Lawyers in America list. In short, our firm receives regular recognition and honor for our community activities and commitment as well as our outstanding support of our clients.

Not only do we have a wide range of honors and awards, as noted on our site, our Santa Ana personal injury attorneys also provide exceptional service to all of our clients. Past clients have described us as a top-notch firm, with a high level of reliability and exceptional trustworthiness. With these characteristics, you can rest assured that we will handle your speeding accident with utmost reliability and service. Our past results include exceptional results for our clients, including many settlements totaling over a million dollars. Often, our clients receive settlements in the full amount allowed by the insurance policies. While these results cannot guarantee the results in your case, all of our attorneys will work to achieve the best resolution for your case.

Common Injuries from Speeding Accidents

Speeding accidents can cause a range of injuries. At higher rates of speed, accident victims may suffer more serious injuries than they do at lower rates of speed. Common accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injury may have far-reaching implications for victims of speeding accidents. Some accident victims suffer initial dizziness and confusion. Others may have memory problems and comprehension difficulties that extend far beyond the accident itself. In some cases, victims of TBI may find themselves unable to return to their previous job responsibilities or to continue with their former plans in life.
  • Spinal cord damage. Damage can occur at any point along the spinal cord. In minor cases, victims may suffer decreased mobility. In many spinal accident injuries, victims may suffer full paralysis.
  • Amputations. Often, high-speed crashes may cause severe crushing damage or cause limb amputations on the spot. Amputations may hit at any point on the limb. In some cases, doctors may need to perform amputations after the accident to maintain the patient’s quality of life or to prevent more serious problems.
  • Broken bones. The traumatic force involved in a car accident may cause broken bones, including arms and legs. Broken bones may heal quickly, or they may cause long-term damage.
  • Internal bleeding or organ damage. In some cases, injuries may not appear where others can easily see them. Internal bleeding and organ damage may cause significant complications for victims even if those injuries remain invisible.
  • Severe cuts and lacerations. Cuts and lacerations may occur at any point on the body. In some areas, they may cause significant blood loss, weakness, and scarring.
  • Whiplash. Many people assume that whiplash represents a relatively minor complaint. In reality, however, whiplash pain can cause significant limitations for accident victims. Whiplash may resolve on its own, but it may also linger long-term after an accident. Victims who suffered whiplash in the past are more likely to have lingering symptoms of whiplash after an accident.

Who Bears Fault in a Speeding Accident?

If the other party involved in your accident chose to speed at the time of the accident, you may assume they bear liability for your accident. Liability, however, may vary. Some things to consider:

Did you contribute to the accident? In some cases, the other driver’s high rate of speed may have prevented the driver from responding appropriately or impacted the accident. If, however, your actions contributed to the accident, you may bear partial liability. Generally, if you bear partial liability for the accident, the insurance company or the court will reduce your settlement by the percentage of the responsibility you bear.

Did other factors contribute to the accident? Sometimes, the driver’s rate of speed counts as only one of the factors leading to the accident. In this case, the insurance company or your lawyer may consider these other factors:

  • If the driver chose to drink and drive and received alcohol from a bar or restaurant, the facility that over-served them may bear partial liability in the accident.
  • If the driver’s employer required them to drive at the time of the accident, either as part of their regular job duties or because of an immediate need, the employer may bear responsibility for the accident. Employer liability may depend based on the driver’s past accident history and the employer’s requirements.
  • If the other driver’s vehicle failed due to mechanical issues, leading to the accident, the mechanic that last examined their vehicle may bear partial liability. Mechanic liability includes failure to properly fix a vehicle as well as failing to notice potential problems that the mechanic should have spotted during an inspection.

After a Speeding Accident in Santa Ana, What Damages Can I Recover?

Not only do you have significant damage to your vehicle after a speeding accident, your other bills may mount fast. Many accident victims wonder what responsibility the insurance company has to help take care of their bills. What damages can you recover? The claim you file may include a variety of things, depending on your accident. What you can claim will vary based on the extent of your injuries and the circumstances of your accident. However, many people claim similar damages after an accident, including:

Medical expenses. Medical expenses may represent the largest percentage of your financial concern after an accident. Your medical bills may mount quickly, especially after a serious injury. You can include all medical expenses related to the accident in your claim. Make sure to carefully track medical expenses, including:

  • Transport related to your accident, including both transport to the hospital at the time of your accident and transfer to other facilities in the future
  • Your initial emergency room visit, including any scans and tests taken during your stay
  • Long-term hospitalization, if you need it for your injuries
  • Alterations to your home or vehicle that make it possible for you to get around after your injuries. Note that these modifications should help you with long-term mobility issues.
  • Physical therapy
  • Caregivers, if you require in-home help or supervision after your accident

Pain and suffering. In addition to your financial losses, you may experience significant pain and suffering after your accident—and suffering does not just include physical suffering. Your accident may prevent you from enjoying activities that once filled your life. You may experience embarrassment because of your injuries. Typically, the insurance company will calculate pain and suffering based on the expenses of your injuries.

Lost wages. Significant injuries may prevent you from returning to work after your accident. Some injuries may require a short leave of absence; others may require you to remain out of work for a long time. Those lost wages can add up fast, especially since your other bills do not stop while you deal with serious injuries after your accident. Fortunately, you may include lost wages as part of your claim.

Lost earning potential. Some injuries allow you to eventually, if slowly, return to work. Other injuries, however, may prevent you from returning to your previous employer. Traumatic brain injuries may leave you struggling to keep up with tasks that you once handled with ease, while spinal cord damage, amputations, and serious injuries to your limbs or organs may prevent you from returning to a physical job. If you find your earning potential limited by your accident, this may factor into your settlement.

Property damage. Often, if you suffered serious injuries in a speeding accident, property damage becomes the least of your financial worries. However, property damage may include anything that suffered damage in the accident, including electronics and other items in your vehicle at the time of the accident.

How Do Santa Ana Insurance Companies Attempt to Avoid Paying?

After a serious injury, you may expect a relatively simple process: you file your claim, the insurance company writes a check, and you start trying to rebuild your life. Unfortunately, many insurance companies use common strategies to decrease the company liability after a serious accident.

  • The insurance company may issue a low settlement offer. Many insurance companies try to pass you a low settlement offer early in the days after the accident, when you still have no idea how much your injuries will really cost. An attorney can help give you a better idea of a fair settlement offer.
  • The insurance company may attempt to shift liability. The company may try to prove that their driver did not cause the accident. They may try to shift liability to you or attempt to prove that other factors contributed to the accident. If the company can prove that you caused at least part of the accident, you may see a corresponding reduction in your settlement.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Speeding Accident Attorney in Santa Ana?

At Aitken * Aitken * Cohn, we believe that you should receive quality legal support following your accident. Working with an attorney offers several key advantages:

  • An attorney can help increase the settlement you receive. In many cases, insurance companies increase their settlement offers when they know you have an attorney working on your side.
  • An attorney can prevent you from making expensive mistakes as you wait for your claim. From what you can post on social media to how to communicate with the insurance company, an attorney can provide valuable advice along the way. An attorney can also help you determine what to include in your claim, which can prevent you from missing out on important compensation.
  • An attorney can take over communications with the insurance company on your behalf. After an accident, you may struggle to keep up with everything on your plate, including dealing with the insurance company. A lawyer can deal with the insurance company for you, both preventing you from making statements that could decrease your settlement and leaving your time free to focus on your recovery.

Many of our clients find that the question changes from “How much does it cost to hire an attorney after a speeding accident?” Rather, you should ask, “Can I afford not to hire an attorney?” Because we know that funds often grow tight after an auto accident, we start with a free consultation to discuss your accident and your claim. We accept many of our clients on a contingent fee basis. Instead of paying attorney fees up front, fees are simply calculated as a portion of a final settlement or judgment. Whether you choose to settle out of court or need to fight a court battle to acquire your compensation, we can work with you every step of the way.

Choosing the Right Santa Ana Speeding Attorney for You

After your speeding accident, you may need legal help to ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve for your injuries. If you suffered serious injuries in a speeding accident, contact Aitken * Aitken * Cohn today at (714) 434-1424 or email us to schedule your free consultation.