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San Clemente Insurance Claims AttorneyLike all businesses, insurance companies exist in order to make profits for their shareholders. Unfortunately, for the people depending on insurance companies to protect them from the consequences of serious accidents and illness, these profits can come at the expense of doing what is right. Insurance companies are notorious for their occasional mistreatment of San Clemente citizens and businesses alike. If you think you are the victim of bad faith insurance practices in San Clemente, you should immediately contact the San Clemente personal injury attorneys at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn. We have over 30 years of dealing with bad faith insurance practices.

San Clemente Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith insurance practices, also known as insurance fraud, include any unfair or deceitful treatment of the insured by an insurance company. It usually involves the company’s attempts to frustrate the insured from receiving the benefits that the insurance company is contractually obligated to pay.

Every insurance contract contains a stated or implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which applies to both the insured and the insurer. When you as the insured have lived up to your end of the contract, the insurance company can be forced to live up to theirs. Bad faith insurance practices by the insurance company can include the following:

  • Denying valid claims covered by the insurance policy
  • Offering less compensation than what is due under the policy
  • Delaying payment through tactics employed by claims adjusters, investigators, or other company agents

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Bad faith insurance practices are legally actionable. If you are a victim of this treatment, you should contact one of our insurance claims attorneys as soon as possible. An insurance claim attorney can help you recover the money you are owed.

Bad faith insurance practices involve complex litigation that requires expertise and skill in dealing with insurance companies. Our lawyers have been involved in several multi-million dollar insurance fraud verdicts and settlements in San Clemente. We have built a reputation for success in these specific types of cases and can help you. We are not afraid to stand up to the largest insurance companies and their lawyers.

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