Orange County Drowning Injury Attorney

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 3,300 Americans die each year in unintentional drowning accidents.  Of these fatal drowning victims, over 1000 are children, making child drowning injuries the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 14.  For every one child who dies in a drowning accident, another five children will require emergency medical care in a hospital or other facility.

Unfortunately, near-drowning accidents have a high risk of fatality.  Of victims who survive a drowning accident, many will be left with serious brain damage that can result in long-term disabilities such as memory problems, learning disabilities, and even coma.  The cost of treating drowning accidents is often tremendous.  Medical costs for near-drowning accidents can range from $75,000 for initial medical treatment, to as much as $4.5 million in patients who have suffered brain damage in a drowning accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries or death in a drowning accident, you may wish to consult our qualified team of legal professionals.  Our firm has the experience, education and legal expertise required to meticulously evaluate your case and determine your legal rights and options.  You may be able to receive compensation for your expenses and suffering through a drowning injury lawsuit with the help of an Orange County drowning injury lawyer.

Who is at Risk for Drowning Accidents?

According to the CDC, nearly 80 percent of all drowning victims are male, though females represent a disproportionately high percentage of bathtub drowning victims.   More than 25 percent of all young children (aged 1-4) die from fatal drowning injuries.

Where Do Most Drowning Accidents Occur?

Drowning accidents commonly occur in bathtubs, buckets, toilets, spas/hot tubs and swimming pools.  Fatal drowning accidents can occur in only 1-2 inches of water.  Drowning often occurs quickly and silently: within just a few minutes, a child or other drowning victim can lose consciousness, suffer brain damage and die.  Swimming pool accidents account for a large percentage of drowning injuries.  Drowning accidents can also occur in open water areas or in boating accidents.

Why Do Drowning Accidents Occur?

The most common factors in drowning accidents include lack of adequate supervision, improperly designed and constructed pools, and failure to properly maintain a pool area.  Because drowning can occur so quickly, a responsible adult must keep a close watch on children at all times.  Negligent supervision is a common factor in drowning accidents.  Many states, including California, have safety laws requiring some type of fencing around all residential swimming pools.   Inadequately designed, constructed and maintained pool areas are often common factors in drowning accidents.

Contact an Orange County Drowning Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered a drowning injury, you may be able to seek compensation for your losses.  Drowning accident lawsuits typically involve three types of law: negligence or personal injury law, product liability, and premise liability.  Our qualified Orange County personal injury attorneys have expert knowledge in each of these legal areas and can evaluate your case to determine the best way to help you and your family.  Please contact us today.