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Orange County FedEx Truck Accident LawyerWith a sudden boost in online shopping and ordering, we can notice an increasing number of delivery trucks on the roads, including the FedEx fleet. They can be smaller box trucks or huge semi-trucks, but they all fall under the huge vehicle category that can cause severe injury in the event of a car accident. FedEx truck accidents are most common in residential areas or on highways. However, it doesn’t matter where they happen; FedEx truck accidents often result in severe injuries to others. Since FedEx is a huge corporation, its accident claims can be quite challenging and intimidating for victims. Hence, we always ask truck accident victims to seek help from an Orange County FedEx truck accident attorney. Our team from Aitken *Aitken* Cohn takes on complicated cases involving truck accidents and corporate insurers. We understand how to fight for your rights for a claim.

Orange County Fedex Accident Occurrences

FedEx, as one of the largest courier delivery services companies in the world, operates a vast fleet of vehicles to deliver packages and freight. This includes not only small vans and trucks but also large tractor-trailers. With such a significant number of vehicles on the roads, FedEx truck accidents do occur. However, the frequency of these accidents and their causes can be complex to quantify due to several factors.

Factors Influencing FedEx Truck Accidents

  1. Volume of Deliveries: The sheer number of deliveries that FedEx handles daily increases the likelihood of accidents. The more miles driven, the higher the risk of being involved in traffic incidents.
  2. Driver Fatigue: FedEx drivers often work long hours to meet delivery deadlines, especially during peak seasons like holidays. Fatigue can impair a driver’s reaction time, decision-making, and overall driving performance.
  3. Road Conditions: Poor road conditions, including inclement weather, can lead to accidents. Drivers might face challenges such as slippery roads, limited visibility, or obstacles that increase the risk of an incident.

What To Do If You Are in A FedEx Truck Accident?

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one gets hurt in a FedEx truck accident, there are a few steps you must take to safeguard your health and all your legal rights.

Get Medical Attention Immediately

You must always seek medical attention as soon as you are involved in any kind of accident. You must check with a physician for a full medical evaluation in a few days after your accident, even if you had gone to a hospital after the accident and were discharged. When you visit a doctor, you ensure you have an accurate diagnosis of your injuries and a record to prove them.

Don’t Fall For a Settlement Offer

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Chances are that an insurance company will approach you soon after your wreck with an initial settlement offer. These initial settlement offers are often far below the real value of the case, and insurance experts make them hoping the victim will simply accept them and continue with their lives. Don’t accept this offer before you speak with your Orange County FedEx truck accident attorney first.

Don’t Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company

An insurance company may request you to provide a recorded statement after an accident caused by their insured. Their primary goal is to get you to say something they could use to lower their offer or deny your claim entirely. If and when an insurance company requests you for a recorded statement, we suggest you politely decline and tell them you would first like to seek legal representation.

Contact a Lawyer at the Earliest

The most important thing you can do after a FedEx truck accident is to hire a professional attorney. Once you have an Orange County FedEx truck accident attorney by your side, the other party will not be able to speak directly with you. Moreover, an attorney can professionally evaluate your case and determine what a fair settlement amount should be.

If you find yourself in a FedEx truck hit-and-run accident, you must immediately call the police. The police officers may be able to determine which driver and truck were on that particular route when your crash happened. You should also contact a FedEx truck accident attorney immediately.

Our lawyers can consult with FedEx regarding driver assignments and find out which driver was responsible for your accident. You must never assume that you cannot get compensation because the driver fled the scene. Instead, you should always take quick action to protect all your legal rights.

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