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Kathi Drinnenberg

Administrative Assistant

Kathi Drinnenberg is a true veteran of Aitken*Aitken*Cohn, having been with the firm for nearly 37 years. As an Administrative Assistant, she has an enormous range of responsibilities, including opening and closing each case in the case management software, running monthly reports covering everything from cash flow to referral sources to settled cases, and essential office management tasks. She also meticulously maintains the firm's in-house law library. In her lengthy tenure with the firm, Kathi has been a part of many big changes—for example, moving from paper files to digital systems—which has kept her work engaging, challenging, and rewarding. She never gets bored with her job and deeply values AAC's family atmosphere and awareness that everyone plays a vital role in helping resolve a client's problem. Outside work, Kathi is busy raising her young grandson, attending school and sports events, and playing Legos. She also serves on the HOA board in her townhome community. In her rare free time, Kathi enjoys painting and baking.

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