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A victim of a burn injury is not only presented with a physical challenge but a psychological one asOrange County Burn Injury Attorneys well. As such, it is important that burn injury victims seeking legal representation consult with a burn injury lawyer that has experience with these kinds of burn injuries. The Orange County burn injury attorney at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn has assisted several burn injury clients to reach extremely successful results in their legal matters.

In its most basic sense, a burn is an injury that is caused by electricity, heat, chemicals, radiation, or gases. Burn injuries are also considered one of the most painful non-fatal injuries endured. Nerve endings are damaged from a burn, which is why extreme pain is experienced. Every year in the U.S. millions of people are burned and of those million burn victims, thousands die as a result of the burns.

A burn injury is often classified by the method that the burn was caused and the degree of the burn. The degree of a burn can vary from first degree burns to third-degree burns. When only the outer layer of skin is injured it is classified as a first-degree burn. Second-degree burns have penetrated the first layer of skin and the second layer. The most painful and severe burn are third-degree burns that involve every layer of skin, destroying all the nerve endings. As the burns heal there will be dense scarring and possible skin grafting.

Burn injuries can affect other functions, including muscles, nerves, bones, and blood vessels, as well as the respiratory system. Injuring the skin, burns impair the body’s normal body temperature, thermal regulation, joint function, fluid balance, manual dexterity, and physical appearance.

Burns can be the direct result of a personal injury, holding another individual or company liable for the suffering endured. The source and cause of the fire or accident that caused the burn will need to be determined for a burn personal injury case.

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