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Orange County Helicopter Accident LawyerHelicopters are used across many industries to move people and cargo. From private charters for work or pleasure, search and rescue missions, and disaster relief in difficult-to-reach places. Helicopters are the workhorses of medical evacuations and emergency transport, military operations, law enforcement, traffic watches and local news, commercial sightseeing, and—of particular importance in California—firefighting. Helicopters are smaller, lighter, and, in many cases, more efficient than airplanes. They can hover, fly at low altitudes, and cover long distances without landing. Helicopter travel, also known as “rotary wing aviation,” is, according to former FAA Administrator Stephen M. Dickson, “an essential element of our transportation system, particularly when it comes to helping people.” Unfortunately, however, several high-profile helicopter accidents in recent weeks and years have highlighted the severe safety concerns involved in helicopter travel. Statistics show that in the U.S., there are approximately 20 helicopter accidents per 100,000 flight hours. If you or a loved one are involved in a helicopter accident, our Orange County helicopter accident lawyer can help.

Why Hire an Orange County Helicopter Accident Lawyer?

Helicopter crash victims and their families deserve compensation for injury or loss of life. However, determining who is at fault for a helicopter crash can be a challenging process that requires thorough investigation, extensive background knowledge of aviation issues, and the ability to examine a combination of factors.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries or loss of life in a helicopter accident, the caring and experienced Orange County helicopter accident lawyers at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn can help. We do not shy away from complex claims. Contact us today for a free consultation.

What Causes Helicopter Accidents?

Like other types of aviation accidents, helicopter crashes are caused by a wide variety of factors but generally fall into three main categories:

Human Error – Includes mistakes by the person operating the aircraft and negligence in air traffic control or maintenance. Pilot error is the leading cause of aviation accidents in general, including about 33% of helicopter crashes. Helicopter operation differs from other types of aviation in that it often involves more hands-on flying, relying far less on automation than typical fixed-wing aircraft. Errors can stem from insufficient training, failure to recognize a hazardous situation or conditions, or flying while distracted, tired, or under the influence.

Although rare, mistakes by air traffic controllers also happen, particularly in high-density travel environments. Improper maintenance and repairs can also be at fault.

Mechanical / Technical Problems – Includes defects in design or manufacturing and failure of individual components or whole systems. Although mechanical issues are relatively unusual, they account for about 25% of accidents. When they happen, they can result in a catastrophic accident. Unlike a twin-engine jet, which can fly temporarily on a single engine and accommodate some failures, a helicopter relies on a much smaller number of critical components (main gearbox, rotors, rotor shaft)—damage, failure, or loss of control of just one significant element can be disastrous.

Environmental Issues – Adverse weather conditions, including rain, snow, sleet, wintry mix, and fog, can cause low visibility and increase the risk of an accident; strong winds and icing can also be hazardous. Flying at lower altitudes can also mean a higher risk of collisions in terrain and bird strikes. Unfortunately, poor judgment, such as deciding to fly (or continue) under dangerous conditions, can prove catastrophic. Many of the most severe accidents happen in adverse weather.

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