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When a family member experiences carbon monoxide poisoning, the distress is profound, and questions arise about responsibility. Our San Bernardino carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer at Aitken*Aitken*Cohn has dealt with cases of individuals harmed by such poisoning. We want you to know that our objective is to help you secure complete and fair compensation from the responsible party, allowing you to focus on recovery without the burden of financial and legal concerns. Our dedicated team of attorneys is ready to help you every step of the way.

Understanding Carbon Monoxide: What You Need to Know

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent and odorless gas that becomes dangerous when you start feeling unwell. It forms when fuels burn, and the accumulation of this gas in a confined space can be fatal for any living organism that breathes it in. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that carbon monoxide exposure results in at least 430 annual fatalities in the United States.

Common signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea or confusion
  • Stomach cramping and vomiting
  • Chest discomfort and breathlessness
  • Distorted vision
  • Brain injury
  • Loss of consciousness

Identifying Liability for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Families who endure the loss of loved ones due to preventable accidents or those facing avoidable injuries have the right to seek compensation for their losses, encompassing medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Determining responsibility for your losses after experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning necessitates a careful examination of pertinent facts and circumstances. In many cases, it’s crucial to assess how parties responsible for ensuring safety failed in their duty. This could involve inadequate property maintenance, the creation of hazardous products, or a violation of safety regulations. Determining accountability for your losses and injuries can be complex due to the uniqueness of each situation. However, there are typical instances of potential responsible parties in carbon monoxide poisoning cases, including:

  • Manufacturers of defective products, such as those producing consumer goods or appliances with insufficient warnings (product liability).
  • Automakers and suppliers of car parts (including commercial truck manufacturers).
  • Negligent property owners, landlords, or property management firms (premises liability).
  • Companies that negligently conducted maintenance or repair work, failed to detect or address CO leaks, or disregarded legal obligations.
  • Developers, contractors, and builders of residential and commercial structures.
  • On-site employers or independent contractors/subcontractors (workplace accidents).
  • Manufacturers of inadequate personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory masks, or safety equipment.

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In the unfortunate event that a loved one has suffered harm or passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning, securing the services of a skilled San Bernardino carbon monoxide poisoning is crucial. Aitken*Aitken*Cohn is dedicated to advocating for your rights by initiating a wrongful death claim or lawsuit to pursue compensation for your family.

Our legal team possesses the expertise to uncover evidence indicating negligence as the cause of the poisoning. Depending on the circumstances and parties who failed to exercise reasonable care for safety, there may be multiple responsible entities. We are committed to vigorously pursuing damages and building a compelling case on your behalf.

Through a thorough examination of the situation, we will identify all liable parties and take the necessary steps to seek redress and justice. In wrongful death cases, the recovered funds can be utilized to cover funeral expenses, additional bills, and the lost wages of the deceased family member. Contact us today for assistance and for help in securing the compensation you deserve.