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Orange County Train Derailment AttorneyIn the US, there are several railway derailments yearly. The consequences of a train running off the tracks can be disastrous. There is a risk of injury or death to passengers on board, crew members, and passersby. Hundreds of surrounding residents may need to flee if there are dangerous materials on the train or if the disaster causes a fire. The victims of a derailment and their families may be eligible for significant compensation when a company or person’s negligence is to blame. Aitken *Aitken* Cohn‘s Orange County train derailment attorneys have won compensation in situations involving derailments for people who suffered serious injuries. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a train derailment disaster, we cordially welcome you to get in touch with us for a free consultation.

California Train Accidents

Regardless of whether they are privately or publicly owned, trains must adhere to particular standards of care. They are common carriers, or vehicles used to carry people for a charge. Common carriers are governed by several local, state, and federal laws. These laws set requirements for employing and training drivers, maintaining vehicles, and providing high-quality services. Negligence occurs when any of these laws are broken and passenger or bystander injuries result.

If you were hurt in a rail accident, you have two major alternatives. Either you or the company’s insurance might settle, or you could go to court. You have the right to accept whatever payment that the insurance company for the bus or rail company provides if they get in touch with you. However, compared to filing a personal injury claim, this frequently yields lower compensation.

What Are The Typical Reasons For Train Derails?

Accidental derailments on trails can occur for several causes. At Aitken*Aitken*Cohn Law, some of the most typical causes we handle include:

  • Unsafe speeds – Trains that are moving too quickly risk flying off the tracks, which can cause deadly and catastrophic train accidents.
  • Operator error: Train accidents have been associated with tired train operators, inattentive train operators, and inexperienced train operators.
  • Railtrack defects: Derailment incidents may be caused by issues with railroad tracks, whether they are the consequence of manufacturing flaws or extraordinary wear and strain.
  • Lack of maintenance – Train cars and engines need to be kept in good condition. Derailment incidents could happen otherwise.

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What Should You Do If You Were Injured In A Collision Involving A Passenger Train?

  • Record the incident on video and in photos.
  • Save every piece of evidence, including your ticket and any receipts.
  • Obtain the names of any witnesses and other travelers.
  • If an accident caused your trip to be cut short and you had to pay for a hotel and transportation to your destination, keep all receipts.

Keep a record of every diagnosis, treatment, and medical history.

To assist you in through the personal injury and insurance claims procedure, contact our Orange County personal injury attorney with experience with rail accident cases.

You might be able to take the train company, track owner, car driver, or train maker accountable for the harm you suffered and get compensation for your medical expenses, property losses, lost wages, and suffering.

Alternatively, you should take action to bring a wrongful death claim if your loved one dies in a train accident.

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With our knowledge, we can assist in the event of a disastrous railway derailment in your area. We are a well-known Orange County law firm with a successful track record in accident claims. During a free, no-obligation first consultation, our Orange County train derailment attorneys at Aitken*Aitken*Cohn will sit down with you one-on-one to go through the specifics of your case. For more information, get in touch with our Law Office today.