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Orange County UPS Truck Accident AttorneyIf you or your family member gets injured (or worse) in an accident involving a UPS truck, you might be thinking about your next step and all your options. At Aitken *Aitken* Cohn, our Orange County UPS truck accident attorney has helped thousands of accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve after a severe accident and would be happy to do the same for you.

UPS (United Postal Service) is a very famous delivery provider in the United States that also offers several other services. Being one of the biggest delivery companies in the US, thousands of UPS delivery vehicles are on the road at all times of the day.

After you get into a UPS truck accident, the company will most likely reach out to you and offer you an initial settlement. However, most of these offers are made to look attractive, but they may be trying to undercompensate you for your injuries or damages.

By hiring a professional attorney, you can better understand the specifics of your case and ask for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

What Happens After A UPS Truck Accident?

Right after you get into an accident with a UPS truck, the first thing you must do is receive the medical attention you need. This is when UPS and its insurance company will investigate the accident. If they find out it was the UPS driver’s fault, an insurance adjuster will make you a settlement offer on behalf of UPS.

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Keep in mind that this initial settlement is the start of what can be a tedious negotiation process. Nevertheless, it’s generally offered when you first feel the financial pressure from your repair and medical bills. Insurance professionals understand that people are most likely to accept any offer at this point. A settlement offer is generally enough to cover your current bills and payments. It may seem like the offer will cover all your losses, but it may not.

If you accept this initial offer, you will be asked to sign a release that absolves UPS and the insurance company of any further liability over your accident. After signing the release, you can’t sue for more money. If it’s clear that the settlement amount is significantly less than what you are entitled to get, you won’t have the option to reopen your case.

If you feel like no fair settlement offer is being made, the best step would be to file a lawsuit. Filing a case will help you fast-track settlement talks and create a trial date, which will act as a deadline for all negotiations. If no settlement is reached by this date, the judge will decide what your compensation will be in their verdict.

Why Should You Consider Hiring A Professional Attorney?

If you’ve been in a UPS truck accident, an Orange County UPS truck accident attorney can help you maximize your settlement by filing a lawsuit on your behalf. All insurance companies prefer victims don’t work with professional attorneys.

When you hire a professional attorney, you can tap into years of experience. That means an insurance adjuster can no longer make lowball settlements without you knowing how bad they are.
Most victims often notice their settlement offers jump significantly when they hire an Orange County UPS truck accident attorney from a reputable law firm.

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