Anaheim Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can leave devastation in their wake. Occupants of passenger vehicles are extremely vulnerable to injury and death when a large 40-ton commercial vehicle crashes into them. Victims can be left to pay for medical expenses, totaled vehicles, and other expenses stemming from the accident.

At Aitken * Aitken * Cohn, our lawyers fervently believe that accident victims should not have to pay for someone else’s mistake. We can help you pursue compensation for the damages you suffered, including lost wages and pain and suffering. Contact us today for help with your claim.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers and companies must comply with strict state and federal guidelines, including laws regarding driver licensing, drug and alcohol testing, pre-trip inspections, hours of service, and proper methods to secure cargo. Despite these many rules, many trucking companies, drivers, and other parties break them and cause accidents. The trucking industry incentivizes fast deliveries. This results in many truck accidents caused by:

  • Drowsy driving
  • Speeding
  • Poor maintenance
  • Unsecured loads
  • Drug and alcohol impairment

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident in Anaheim, the team at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn can investigate the matter and help you hold the parties responsible for your accident financially accountable to you.

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Our Anaheim truck accident lawyers can thoroughly investigate your claim to determine if any of the following parties are to blame for the accident:

  • Truck drivers – The first party you might turn to following a truck accident is the truck driver. Truck drivers may negligently operate vehicles by speeding, not obeying traffic signals, drinking and driving, driving distracted, or not checking their blind spots. large commercial trucks are much more difficult to handle than passenger vehicles. Our team can investigate the driver, their safety record, and any records that can help uncover if the driver’s own negligence contributed to the accident.
  • Trucking company – Trucking companies are ultimately responsible for the actions of their employees. Additionally, many trucking companies act negligently when hiring or supervising truck drivers. Truck driving is a difficult job, so it can be difficult to find and retain qualified drivers. Trucking companies may hire unsafe drivers or skip training drivers to get them on the road faster.
  • Cargo companies – Another company may be responsible for safely loading and securing the cargo the trucking company handles. If these goods shift or fall off during transit, a third-party cargo company may be to blame.
  • Maintenance companies – Some trucking companies outsource maintenance of their fleet to a third party. If that company failed to check tires, brakes, or other components and that component failed, leading to the crash, you may be able to hold that company responsible for your injuries.
  • Vehicle or parts manufacturers – The typical commercial truck contains thousands of parts that work together to safely operate the vehicle. If a part is defectively manufactured or designed, the manufacturer may be responsible for resulting injuries if that defect caused the crash.
  • Other drivers – In some truck accidents, other drivers are to blame for the crash. Our team can thoroughly investigate the crash and all possible avenues of compensation.

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