Orange County Business Litigation Attorney

Our office has developed wide-ranging expertise in a variety of matters arising in a commercial context.  These matters include commercial torts such as the wrongful interference with contractual relations, wrongful termination and commercial fraud.  Unlike most business litigation firms, the Aitken Law Offices will handle business-related disputes on a contingent basis, which allows the aggrieved businessperson or individual consumer to protect his or her rights against often better funded opponents.

Representative commercial litigation matters handled by this office include:

  • An action by an inventor against the company he founded for the non-payment of royalties generated from the sale of his products.
  • An action by a female executive of an automotive sales firm for wrongful termination and sexual harassment.
  • An action by several retail business owners against a prominent commercial landlord for fraudulent inducements to relocate their businesses to a new shopping complex.
  • An action by a distributor whose client base was wrongfully usurped by his principal supplier.
  • An action on behalf of two attorneys who were wrongfully terminated for “blowing the whistle” on improper conduct at their firm.
  • A breach of fiduciary duty by one partner against its developer partner which led to the wrongful seizure of a commericial office tower.
  • In these and the other commercial matters handled by this office, our firm’s aggressive contingency fee representation was able to “even the playing field” on behalf of our clients and was able to ensure that the standards of fair play were upheld in the commercial context.