$10 Million Settlement In Ryan Corbin (Pat Boone’s Grandson) Case


At just 24 years old, Ryan Corbin had graduated from Pepperdine University with honors, written his first screenplay, and was engaged to be married.

Then on a hot summer day, Ryan, who is the grandson of the legendary Pat Boone, fell through a Plexiglas skylight on the roof of his apartment complex building, landing three stories below, resulting in a fractured skull and leaving him with serious brain damage.

Terrified and desperate, Pat Boone and the Boone Family appeared on shows such as CNN News, Larry King Live, and NBC Today asking for prayers and support as Ryan began making progress.

Although Ryan’s condition has improved dramatically, he still fights to regain pre-incident levels of functioning, and the family has not given up hope.

The Orange County personal injury lawyers at Aitken Aitken Cohn represented Ryan and were able to secure a substantial award to fund Ryan’s lifetime medical care costs as well as help establish the non-profit organization, Ryan’s Reach, to assist traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims.

RESULT: The case settled for $10,125,000.

To date, Ryan’s Reach has helped raise over half a million dollars to assist TBI survivors and their families by providing scholarships to attend High Hopes, a comprehensive rehabilitation program, as well as opening up a respite care group home where families can drop off their loved ones to get a respite from caregiving.

Last year, the annual Ryan’s Reach golf tournament raised over $100,000 and the firm continues to look forward to the event every year.