Client in Motor Bike-Tractor Incident Recovers $600,000

Case Description:

Plaintiff was struck while driving a dirt bike with the bucket of a defendant’s truck suffering a fracture to his tibia requiring surgery and 45 staples. Plaintiff also suffered a fracture to his foot and back, both of which are non-surgical, Future care needs include a total knee replacement at some point in the future.

Final Result:

$600,000 Settlement

Plaintiff’s Contentions as to Liability:

Plaintiff argued he was riding his dirt bike on a desert road when he was approached by Defendant who was riding his tractor. An argument ensued as to whether Plaintiff was allowed to be on the road. Plaintiff attempted to ride around the tractor and at the same time Defendant lowered the bucket of his tractor and inadvertently contacted Plaintiff knocking him off his bike.

Defendant’s Contentions as to Liability:

Defendant contended that Plaintiff contacted the bucket of the trailer due to no fault of his own.

Type of Case:

Tractor vs. Dirt Bike

Date and Location of Incident:

Hemet, CA

Plaintiff’s Age:


Plaintiff’s Attorney:

Atticus Wegman, Esq