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Orange County Propane Tank Explosion AttorneyExplosions from propane gas grills and tanks have the potential to result in serious burns, disfigurement, and even fatalities. Sadly, many propane injury victims are unaware that they may file a lawsuit and may even believe that they were too responsible for starting the fire. As a result, many ignore to look into the underlying issue and never receive the legal support they require to pursue the compensation to which they may be entitled. You may be entitled to financial support for your medical costs, injuries, and other damages through a propane injury lawsuit if you or a family member were injured, or someone was killed in a propane tank explosion or fire. Get in touch with our Orange County propane tank explosion attorney at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn law today to discuss your case.

Propane Tank Injuries

Many Americans use propane daily. Furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, outdoor barbecues, fireplaces, and a few more items are among the most frequent applications of propane. Homes are frequently heated with propane as well.

Explosions of propane tanks can result in traumatic injuries, toxic gas exposure, second and third-degree burns, and other catastrophic injuries. Massive propane explosions can also result in wrongful death, traumatic brain damage, and body, head, and extremities injuries.

Why Does A Propane Tank Explode?

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Fires and explosions in propane tanks can happen for a variety of causes. One of the most frequent causes is that the tank was exposed to harsh agitation or was stored at high temperatures. The inherent danger of holding a set quantity of combustible gas in a sealed container is the reason why elevated temperatures and agitation exist. Like other gases, propane expands when heated or stirred. The volume of the gas will keep expanding if there is too much heat or agitation, and eventually the pressure will be too high for the container to hold. The container will then violently explode at that point, shooting flames and shrapnel in all directions. It is improbable that anyone caught in the explosion radius of the tank will survive without suffering serious injuries.

What Is The Worth Of A Propane Tank Explosion Claim?

Manufacturers of propane tanks and barbecues can be held liable for any accidents that result in injury or property loss. An injury claim involving a propane tank explosion may often be settled for millions of dollars. The settlement amount you will receive in this kind of lawsuit will depend on the seriousness of the burns, disabilities, and other personal injuries caused by a propane tank explosion. However, every case is unique and must be discussed with our Orange County smoke inhalation attorney.

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The accident’s cause can be ascertained by our competent personal injury lawyer at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn who specializes in propane gas explosions. Many times, propane businesses and component producers try to cover up their wrongdoing or downplay a faulty issue. However, a gas explosion attorney can identify the responsible parties and make them answerable for their acts.