$1,500,000 – Multiple Plaintiffs Awarded Full Policy Limits after Serious Rear End Collision


CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs were rear ended on the I-5 freeway in Orange County while returning after a holiday party. Grandmother suffered a tear of her anterior cruciate ligament. Grandson suffered a facial laceration near his nose that required minimal repair, with largely unnoticeable scarring. Grandson was also treated for PTSD. Grandfather sustained significant neck and back injuries eliminating his ability to return to employment as an electrician. Grandfather presented a significant lost earnings claim.

FINAL RESULT: $1,500,000 (Full Policy Limits)

TYPE OF CASE: Auto v Auto

PLAINTIFF’S INJURIES: Plaintiff Gary D. suffered thoracic spine and cervical spine injuries. Plaintiff Lynn B. suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Plaintiff Justin L. suffered lip laceration and emotional distress.

DATE/TIME OF INCIDENT: December of 2013 in Irvine, CA

PLAINTIFFS’ AGES: Gary D. – 57; Lynn B. – 67; Justin L. – 16

OCCUPATION: Gary D. – Unemployed; Lynn B. – Commercial property manager; Justin L. – Student

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