$530,000 – Senior Citizens T-Boned by Negligent Driver Leads to a 3-Car Collision


CASE DESCRIPTION: Elaine P. (age 60 at the time) was driving her car westbound on a street in the #2 lane in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. After stopping for a red traffic signal at the intersection, Elaine proceeded into the intersection on a green traffic signal. Suddenly and without warning, Defendant, Jerold M. negligently crashed into the driver’s side of plaintiffs’ vehicle. Mary B. (age 92 at the time) was a seat belted passenger in the vehicle driven by her daughter Elaine. As a result of the impact, Plaintiffs’ vehicle was pushed through the intersection and collided into the rear of another vehicle stopped in the #2 left turn lane of southbound avenue.                  

FINAL RESULT: $530,000 (Policy Limits)

The traffic officer investigating the collision concluded that Defendant, Jerold M. caused the collision by failing to stop at a red traffic signal in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21453(a).

TYPE OF CASE: Auto v. Auto

PLAINTIFF’S INJURIES:  Plaintiff, Elaine P. suffered the following: Right orbital fracture (ORIF – orbital floor fracture, herniation of orbital fat, medial orbital wall fracture); Frontal sinus fracture; Left pneumothorax and left basilar atelectasis; Right basilar atelectasis; Left multiple rib fractures (Left 2nd through 4th); Right eyebrow laceration; Vertical diplopia; Blunt force trauma, right flank pain

Plaintiff, Mary B. suffered the following: Head Injury – Left frontal and right temporal hemorrhagic contusion; Right fibula head fracture; Left 8th rib fracture; Loss of consciousness at scene of incident; Amnesia; Decreased hearing; Left hip and chest pain

DATE/LOCATION OF INCIDENT: February 2014, San Bernardino, CA

PLAINTIFF AGE: Elaine P. – 60 at time of incident, Mary B. – 92 at time of incident

PLAINTIFF’S OCCUPATION:  Elaine P.: Teacher, Mary B.: Retired

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