Huntington Beach Lifeguard Boat Hits and Kills Junior Lifeguard

Alyssa Squirrell, an 11-year-old junior lifeguard, died after reportedly being run over by a lifeguard boat during a training session, July 14, 2009. An investigation of the wrongful death is underway.

While details of the Huntington Beach boat accident have not yet been confirmed, Laurie Payne, Huntington Beach city spokeswomen, said the lifeguard boat ran over the junior lifeguard after dropping her off in the water as part of a standard drill.

Alyssa was among a group of approximately 25 lifeguards in training.

Investigation of the Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard Death Continues

According to reports, officials are still trying to determine why the accidental death occurred. The Sheriff’s Department is spearheading the investigation.

Spokesman of the Sheriff’s Department, Jim Amormino, said they have already interviewed the 32-year marine safety officer who was piloting the lifeguard boat at the time of the accident, and will continue to investigate those who were present.

Accidental Death is First in 45 Years

According to reports, this is the first instance of death since the beginning of the Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguard Program in 1964.

(Source: The Orange County Register)

Compensation for the Family May be Available

Programs that are implemented to teach our youth have a responsibility to protect the safety of the participants at all times. Families whose loved ones are killed due to the negligence of another party will most likely be entitled to recover compensation for their losses.

Surviving family members will likely be entitled to obtain compensation for their losses including medical costs, funeral and burial expenses, and the emotional pain and suffering they will incur.

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