Casey Speaks at the 15th Annual Neuroscience of Brain Injury Conference

In early November, partner Casey Johnson and Special Education Specialist Sharon Grandinette spoke at the 15th Annual Neuroscience of Brain Injury Conference in Sonoma. This conference is hosted by the Brain Injury Association of California and covers topics in research informing medical treatment and legal practice. Casey and Sharon’s presentation, “The Value of Collaborating with a Special Education Expert Witness in the Pediatric TBI Legal Case”, explored several of the facts and fallacies of symptom presentation in pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury, including discussions of several demonstrative case studies.

Sharon Grandinette

     Sharon Grandinette

Brain injuries are complex and require more attention and time than most injuries. Casey and Sharon demonstrated this through case studies of young children with TBI. When children sustain brain injury, many times their limitations and disabilities aren’t apparent until they enter middle or high school where more complex methods of thinking are required. For this reason, children with TBI must be monitored and aided with their specific injury in mind in order to receive the most effective treatment for the best possible recovery.

Conferences like this are important to spread awareness of these injuries. Knowing the facts and fallacies can be the difference between appropriate diagnosis and care and of struggle and confusion. Thanks to Casey and Sharon these issues are being brought to light.

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