Chris Aitken and Atticus Wegman Win Settlement of $760,000 for Injured Motorcyclist

Moto Tree

The unapproved tree in Garden Grove.

Congratulations to Chris Aitken & Atticus Wegman for recently settling a matter just prior to trial for $760,000. Our client was seriously injured on a motorcycle due to a falling tree limb in the City of Garden Grove. The plaintiff received severe bilateral wrist fractures as a result of the collision.  The Defendant disputed these allegations and contended that they had a proper system of maintenance in the City. Through investigation, expert testimony and discovery, the plaintiffs were able to establish that the tree was not only improperly maintained but also an unapproved tree for a median of the major city thoroughfare of Beach Boulevard. AA&C is proud to represent and provide a full recovery for a well deserving client.

Moto branch

Fallen tree branch.

Municipal liability applies to any civil case in which the government is claimed to be at fault. There are several mechanisms in place that make legal claims against government agencies more difficult. An intricate set of laws, a shortened six-month statute of limitation, immunities provided by the California Tort Claims Act, and a rigid procedural code apply when you are pursuing municipal liability cases. AA&C helps their clients navigate these laws to ensure justice is achieved where it is due. For more information about these kinds of cases, click here.