$450,000: Doctor Forgets To Establish Arterial Blood Flow Into Boy’s Arm While Treating Fracture

CASE DESCRIPTION: A young boy fractured his arm resulting in arterial interruption of blood into his injured arm.  A orthopedic surgeon repaired the facture but did not cure the interruption of blood flow.  The young boys family brought suit for medical malpractice claiming the surgeon’s actions were below the standard of care.

RESULT:  $450,000.00 total settlement

Four year old Travis B. suffered a “supracondylar” fracture to his arm when he fell from a tire swing at his preschool on March 19, 2001.  Plaintiff Travis B. was taken to Chino Valley Hospital for emergency medical treatment.  Because Travis B. sustained arterial interruption of the blood to his left forearm and hand and had a “pulseless” left forearm and hand, Defendant Mazin S., M.D. (an orthopedic surgeon) was called to render emergency treatment to the plaintiff.  This condition carries with it a risk of grave morbidity in that the loss of circulation to the extremity can cause severe injury and damage to the forearm and hand if not restored rapidly.  Swelling associated with the injury also frequently leads to Compartment Syndrome.

Defendant Dr. Mazin S. provided medical treatment for the supracondylar fracture, but failed to ensure that the hand and arm had an arterial blood supply.  The lack of an arterial blood supply caused permanent nerve and muscle damage to the arm and hand of Plaintiff Travis B., and he sustained a injury to his left hand and forearm known as Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture.  In spite of multiple surgeries to repair the damage, Plaintiff’s hand can only be used as a “helper hand”.  His ability to grasp objects is greatly limited.

TYPE OF CASE: Medical Malpractice

INJURIES:  Permanent nerve and muscle damage to his left arm and hand.  Volkmann’s Ischemic Contracture of the left forearm and hand.

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT:  On 3/19/01 at Chino Valley Medical Center.

PLAINTIFF’S AGE:  4 at time of the incident.


Richard A. Cohn
For Plaintiff – Travis B.

Kenneth Pivo
For Defendant – Mazin S., M.D.