Driving a Motorcycle While in Pain Compromises Rider Safety

Over 350 motorcyclists died in driving accidents in California during 2010 – numbers are not available yet for 2011. Although the number of fatalities are down from previous years, even one death is one too many.

Motorcycle safety is a very popular topic within the riding community. Thousands of websites dedicate numerous pages to safety tips and advice. Protective clothing and proper helmet use are common topics.

A quick Google search also pulls up hundreds of sites dealing with back pain associated with motorcycle use. The two main causes of back pain while riding are:

  • Vibrations produced by the bike
  • Driver positioning on the bike

Riders who suffer back pain have access to a lot of advice offering pointers for fine-tuning a driver’s riding position in order to alleviate discomfort while riding and minimizing post-ride pain.

Pain avoidance is not the only reason motorcyclists need to pay attention to their positioning. Driving a motorcycle while in pain or mild discomfort is also a safety issue. No matter how much a driver is enjoying the ride, neck, back or arm pain can cause a person to change his or her driving habits, leading to a distraction at an inopportune moment.

motorcycle safety

The following are some tips to help keep you safe while driving, avoid motorcycle accidents and to make your ride more enjoyable at the same time:

  • Chose a motorcycle seat that fits you and suits your riding style
  • If you use a backrest, buy one adjusted to the correct position for you
  • Set your handlebars at the correct distance — you don’t want to lean too far forward nor have them so close they bump you on turns
  • Your elbows should be bent and at, or slightly below, the level of the handlebars
  • Your torso should not put any weight on the handlebars — your torso should be relaxed and feel natural
  • Buy leathers that do not pinch and a helmet that fits correctly

Want to learn more about motorcycle safety?

Despite doing everything right, accidents still happen, sometimes to the best riders on the road. If you have been in an accident while riding, get assistance from a lawyer who is knowledgeable about motorcycle accidents. If your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, and may wish to consult with a qualified and experienced attorney. We invite you to visit our website at: www.aitkenlaw.com. The attorneys at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn are here to help, Experience, Compassion, Resources and Results!”

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