$1,015,000 Settlement for a Fatal Orange County Motorcycle Accident


On February 2, 2009 at approximately 4:00 PM, James M., was riding his motorcycle east of Harbor Boulevard in the City of Garden Grove.  The Defendant, Mr. Murrieta, returning home from a work related project, lost control of his vehicle, which resulted in a three vehicle collision involving James M.  The Plaintiffs’ decedent James M. suffered severe fatalities and was killed in that motorcycle accident.

Mr. M.’s wife Julie M. and their daughter Nicole M. filed a lawsuit against Mr. Murrietta and his place of employment, Horizon communications Technologies, Inc. because the collision occurred while he was in the course and scope of employment.  A complaint alleging a single cause of action for wrongful death was brought by James M.’s wife and daughter before the case settled for the Defendants’ policy limits.


  • $15,000 policy limits settlement in favor of plaintiffs on behalf of defendant Arthur Murrieta;
  • $1,000,000 policy limits settlement in favor of plaintiffs on behalf of defendant Horizon Communications.

TYPE OF CASE: Wrongful Death

INJURIES: Wrongful death of husband and father.  James M. was 62 years old and retired from working part time at Honda Center.

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: February 2, 2009, in the city of Garden Grove, Orange County, CA

PLAINTIFF’S AGE: 62 years old


PLAINTIFF’S ATTORNEYS: Darren O. Aitken of AITKEN ✦ AITKEN ✦ COHN (For Plaintiffs- Julie M. and Nicole M.)

DEFENDANTS’ ATTORNEYS: Barbara J. Mandell, Alla Shabun of MANDELL & ASSOCIATES, PC (For Defendant –Arthur Murrieta); Kevin P. McNamara of HARRINGON, FOXX, DUBROW & CANTER, LLP (For Defendant- Horizon Communications Technologies, Inc.)