$951,219.05: Freeway Trucking Mishap Severely Injures Post-Grad Student

CASE DESCRIPTION:  The plaintiff was involved in a multi-car collision, which resulted in him having several corrective surgeries.

RESULT:  $951,219.05 total settlement

On August 28, 2003, plaintiff Hoan L. was severely injured in a multi-vehicle collision on westbound State Route 60.  Mr. Hoan L., a student working on a post-graduate teaching certification at California State University, Fullerton, was heading towards the Fullerton campus for class.  He was proceeding in the number two westbound lane at prevailing freeway speeds.  To his right, in the number three westbound lane, was struck driven by Defendant Kirk M. and owned by defendants Christopher C. and A&N Enterprises.  As Hoan L. was traveling along the left side of the truck, Kirk M. decided to switch lanes rightward from the number three lane to the number four lane.  Unfortunately, that space was occupied by a vehicle driven by defendant Jessica K.  The front end of the truck struck the left side of Jessica K’s vehicle, causing her to spin out of control.  In deposition, defendant Kirk M. contended it was the Jessica K’s  vehicle that turned into him and caused the accident.  However, that version is disputed by defendant Jessica K and independent witnesses.

As a result of the collision between the truck and Jessica K’s vehicle, her vehicle spun out of control and across the westbound lanes of traffic.  Ms. Jessica K’s vehicle struck Mr. Hoan L’s vehicle in the number three lane.  Hoan L. lot control of his own vehicle, entered the number one westbound lane where he was struck broadside by a Suburban driven by a third party.

TYPE OF CASE:  Auto v. Auto; Personal injury

INJURIES:  As a result of these collisions, Hoan L. sustained superior and inferior public rami fractures, with a right sacral fracture requiring internal fixation; urethral disruption and a fracture dislocation of his clavical.  During his initial hospitalization, the right sacrum fracture was internally fixated with a screw and a tube was surgically inserted into the disrupted area of the urethra.

Unfortunately for Hoan L., his disrupted urethra never healed following his release from the hospital.  The area was very painful and he was forced to wear a catheter.  In April 2004, Hoan L. underwent a reconstruction of his urethra.  This first reconstruction was not effective, thus he was forced to endure a second urethral reconstructive surgery in February 2005.

Hoan L. continues to experience daily pain from his hip area and from the injured urethra area.

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT:  On 8/28/03 on the westbound State Route 60.

PLAINTIFF’S AGE:  29 at time of the incident.

OCCUPATION:  A student working on a post-graduate teaching certification at California State University, Fullerton.

Darren O. Aitken
For Plaintiff – Hoan L.

Michael W. Mugg
For Defendants – A&N Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a CALN Trucking, Christopher C. and Kirk M.

Kim L. Bensen
For Defendant – Jessica K.