Groves Family Reunites with Rescuers and Give Thanks


AITKEN AITKEN COHN’S clients, the Groves family, were recently able to reunite with and personally thank the first responders who helped rescue Kelli and her two daughters following a horrific collision that left their mangled vehicle dangling from a bridge 100 feet above a canyon.

This past May, the Groves family enjoyed a surprise reunion with two of the rescuers during an appearance on the Today Show where they discussed the terrifying ordeal.

This past weekend, the family was finally able to personally meet with the majority of responders and present them with a token of their deep gratitude. We remain very proud of the recovery the Groves family is making after this incredibly life-altering incident.

Local Santa Barbara media reported on the emotional reunion of the courageous Groves family and rescuers.