Halloween Safety Tips: How to avoid the tricks on Halloween

Halloween AAC LogoHalloween is a fun and festive holiday that should always be memorable for its treats rather than its tricks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Very often we hear of injuries that trick-or treaters sustain as a result of avoidable accidents that occur on Halloween. Many of these incidents include car accidents involving pedestrians and Halloween costumes gone awry. At Aitken*Aitken*Cohn, we strive to provide useful and practical information to our readers to prevent such devastating incidents before they happen. It is our hope that you and your families have the best and safest holiday possible.

Safety tips for trick-or-treaters:

1. Walk on sidewalks and walkways, rather than in the streets and on lawns.
2. Follow all traffic signals and stop signs.
3. Cross streets within well-marked crosswalks when possible.
4. Walk in areas that are well lit and where you are able to clearly see where you are walking. Bring a flashlight, or several, just in case you encounter an area that is not well lit.
5. Wear bright costumes or fasten reflective tape to your costume to ensure that drivers see you.
6. Trick-or-treat in groups and with adult supervision.
7. Always make sure to look both ways before crossing the street even if you face a green walk signal.
8. Wear flame-resistant costumes.
9. Wear costumes that fit appropriately and are not too long to avoid tripping over them.
10. Always make sure to walk, not run, to each house.
11. Never enter a stranger’s home.
12. Only consume unopened, factory-made candy. Parents should inspect their trick-or-treaters bags before consumption.
13. Use costume props in a safe manner as they may cause injuries to others.

Safety tips for homes providing treats:

1. Ensure that all walkways and driveways are well lit so trick-or-treaters may easily see where they are walking. Be sure that such walkways are clear of any obstacles.
2. Secure all glowing pumpkins and other Halloween displays and props so they will not fall onto trick-or-treaters or injure those walking up to your home.
3. Drive slowly and safely when driving through residential neighborhoods. You never know when a child may unknowingly run across the street.

Aitken*Aitken*Cohn wishes you a very Happy Halloween!