$100,000: Inattentive Driver Causes Fatal Injuries to Pedestrian

CASE DESCRIPTION: Decedent, James K. was a pedestrian crossing Francis Street, at its east intersection with Hellman Avenue in the City of Ontario. Defendant, Veronica M. was driving her vehicle on Hellman Avenue, where she alleged that she stopped before making a left hand turn onto Francis Street, where she struck James, causing fatal injuries.

RESULTS: $100,000 Policy limits

DATE OF SETTLEMENT: January 21, 2013

INJURIES: James suffered blunt force trauma to his head and chest. He was placed on life support and expired two days after being struck.

TYPE OF CASE: Auto v. Pedestrian

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: November 11, 2011 in Ontario, California

PLAINTIFF’S AGE: 56 at time of incident

OCCUPATION: Truck driver

Casey R. Johnson, Esq.

Allstate Insurance Company