Wylie Aitken Receives Lifetime Legal Achievement Award

Wylie, Elizabeth Edwards and Mike Farrell were recently honored in Beverly Hills by the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR).

Wylie was presented the Lifetime Legal Achievement Award by Chris and Ashleigh Aitken; Elizabeth Edwards was presented the Phillip Burton Public Service Award by Warren Beatty; and, Mike Farrell was presented the Citizen Activist of the Year Award by Robert Greenwald.

Who and what is FTCR?  It’s mission is “to provide an effective voice for taxpayers and consumers in an era when special interests dominate public discourse, government and politics.”  Harvey Rosenfield is the founder of FTCR which has been described as “a feared force” and the foremost citizen watchdog group on critical public policy issues west of the Mississippi.  FTCR “raged”  for justice for patient rights; ensuring citizens’ access to the courts; and, in obtaining regulatory accountability for insurance companies; and, this past year, ending the discriminatory practice of basing auto insurance premiums on Zip codes instead of driving records.

FTCR has launched Oilwatchdog.org; ArnoldWatch.org; and, Dirtymoneywatch.org.  Their combination of creativity, ingenuity and undeterred commitment has won them the gratitude of the public.  FTCR has been described as “zealous,” “outrageous” and “uncompromising.”   The funds raised by this event and support throughout the year allows “David to challenge Goliath.”