$359,999.99: Mother Killed When Her Jeep Hit A Signal Box

CASE DESCRIPTION: A car accident occurred in the City of Orange where the mother and daughter were hit while riding in their jeep Cherokee. The Jeep then hit a signal box resulting in the death of the mother. Her family brings suit for wrongful death, loss of consortium, emotional distress and other economic damages.

RESULT: $359,999.99 total settlement

This accident involves a substantial car collision at the intersection of Chapman and Newport in the City of Orange. Several witnesses have stated that shortly after impact the Jeep Cherokee, in which our client was a passenger, violently struck a “signal box” which was located in close proximity of the intersection. It was this signal box that caused the fatal injuries to Kimberly B.

The Plaintiffs’ were prepared to show damages in numerous ways. Decedent was a working woman cut down at the age of 35. Hence the family suffered the loss of 30 years of future earnings. The husband would be able to claim loss of consortium since he could no longer enjoy the company of his wife. Her daughter Kimberly was in the car during the accident and unfortunately was an eyewitness to her mother’s injuries and death. An expert for the Plaintiff was prepared to give testimony on the emotional distress the daughter has and will continue to have to deal with as a result of the accident. There is also evidence that the Decedent’s two boys have developed emotional problems due to the loss of their mother. Plaintiffs’ also argued that the B. family as a whole could bring a suit for the wrongful death of Kimberly.

TYPE OF CASE: Auto v. Auto; Wrongful Death; Loss of Consortium

INJURIES: The auto accident resulted in the death of Kimberly B.

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: At intersection of Chapman and Newport in the City of Orange

PLAINTIFF’S AGE: Decedent Kimberly B. was 35 at time of incident.

OCCUPATION: Decedent Kimberly B. – employed by Stephen Stewart and LandAmerica Financial Group

Christopher R. Aitken & Wylie A. Aitken
For Plaintiffs – Eric B., individually, and as parent and legal guardian on behalf of Sarah B., Christopher B. & Michael B.

Michael D. Rohfeld
For Defendant – Mariella O.

Christopher Wesierski
For Defendant – Anil M.

Daniel Spradlin
For Defendant – Counsel for City of Orange