New Years Safety Tips!

With a new year coming up, it is an important time to understand some of the safety tips for New Year’s Eve to ensure the safety of yourself and others. There will be, regardless of where you live, a large amount activity and celebration on the Eve so the most important thing to be aware of is alcohol consumption. The best course of action, if you are planning on celebrating, is to make sure that you have a designated driver. No matter how much or little you’ve had to drink, there are still serious threats while driving New Years Safety Tips!under the influence. If you cannot secure a sober driver, the best thing to do is to call a taxi. Many communities even offer services around New Year’s which provide free rides to those who are in need of them. Remember that New Year’s Eve is one of the most dangerous times of the year and drunk driving accident rates usually soar, however, by taking these precautions, you can drastically increase everyone’s safety while on the road. Celebrations for the New Year can often also include the use of fireworks. If you or your friends plan on using fireworks, make sure that you are aware of the fire codes and regulations because in many areas fireworks are illegal. Safety tips can easily be found online. Despite all these safety things to remember, don’t forget to go out and have a great time and enjoy the New Year’s celebrations. From all of us at Aitken Aitken & Cohn we want to wish you a happy and healthy New Year.