Fall 2005 Newsletter

Aitken * Aitken * Cohn Number of Trials Continue to Decline Nationwide, the number of matters taken through to trial has been declining steadily. The American Bar Association recently reported that the number of federal cases resolved by trial plunged from 11 percent in 1962 to 1.8 percent in 2002. The number of trials per… read more

Spring 2005 Newsletter

Lawsuits Not Cause Of Malpractice “Crisis” Study Finds According to a recent article published in the Houston Chronicle, lawsuits against physicians were not the cause of rapidly increasing malpractice premiums in the State of Texas.  Research by professors at the University of Texas and the University of Illinois studied data collected by the Texas Department… read more

Fall 2004 Newsletter

 AITKEN * AITKEN * COHN REDUCE RISK OF INJURY IN CAR CRASHES A news article that recently crossed our desks outlined some simple tips to help avoid physical injury in the common rear-end vehicle collision.  They include: Brace yourself– Contrary to the popular opinion that a loose and relaxed posture helps prevent injury, bracing oneself… read more