$500,000: Sheet Metal From Mobile Home Causes Rollover Accident On Freeway

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs were driving on the Interstate 5 when a piece of sheet metal came off a mobile home and hit their windshield. Plaintiffs’ car went out of control, crashed and at the very least rolled on its side. Plaintiff brought suit against the owners of the mobile home and the towing company that was hauling the vehicle.

RESULT: $500,000.00 total settlementPlaintiffs Scott and Jenny G. were passengers in a Lexus SUV owned and operated by Jenny G’s brother. As they were traveling southbound on Interstate 5, a piece of sheet metal suddenly came off of a mobile home, being towed by a truck in front of them, and slammed into their windshield. The driver of the SUV was unable to control the vehicle and it rolled on its side, possibly rolling all the way over.

The parties disputed liability. Plaintiffs contended that Defendants were responsible for making sure that the mobile home was restrained in a manner to render it safe for towing on an interstate highway. While the Defendants contended that they were not responsible for the break down of the mobile home and for preparing it for travel over an interstate highway.

TYPE OF CASE: Motor Vehicle Accident

INJURIES:  Scott G. – suffered non-displaced fractures to 4 vertebrae in his neck.  Ultimately his injuries resolved with only minor residual complaints.

Jenny G. – suffered minor injuries.

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: On 5/20/00 on the Southbound Interstate 5 in the vicinity of Encinitas, California.

PLAINTIFF’S AGE: Scott G. – 34 at time of incident
Jenny G. – 25 at time of incident.

OCCUPATION: Scott G. – Food and Beverage Manager.
Jenny G. – Territorial Sales Manager

Richard A. Cohn
For Plaintiffs – Scott & Jenny G.

Joan E. Cochran
For Defendants – Raul T., John V., John V. Trucking, Alfonzo S. & Alfonzo’s Mobile Homes