Staff Spotlight: Meet Gina King

“Hi Gina, we are now more relaxed, and enjoying the quiet Fourth of July weekend. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your personal and caring guidance through the legal labyrinth over the past two years. I’m sure by now you are aware that our legal case has settled, and that the formal mediation process has yielded a significant settlement for us.

“You directed us through the details of the legal process with tremendous professional knowledge and skill. Your input and thoughtful counseling have given us comfort during our journey through the uncharted territory of the past two years. You filled in the “blanks” for Rich [Cohn, their attorney] in such a way that we always felt comfortable with the “details” of how to successfully proceed through each step in the process. Again, thank you for all your caring and knowledgable assistance.”

That is a letter Gina King, our Client Services Specialist, recently received from a client. That’s the kind of personal service she provides and the reason she is leading off our new Staff Spotlight series that puts the spotlight on key personnel that you don’t always hear about, but we believe you should.

It’ll be a monthly video series in which partner and Orange County personal injury attorney Chris Aitken interviews a key member of our staff, creating an opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level. You can watch the first episode featuring Gina King in the video above.