Thanksgiving Safety Tips from AA&C

Thanksgiving is a time of the year that everyone eagerly anticipates.  According to AAA, over 40 million people are planning on traveling sometime during the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving holiday weekend coincides with one of the deadliest times of the year with a significant increase in car accidents and other injuries nationwide. The national traffic fatality average for Thanksgiving weekend is a shocking 798, 50 more than any other week Thanksgiving Safety Tips from AA&Cof the year. This spike in accidents is largely caused by drunk driving and a large increase in deer on the roads. Another thing to keep in mind is the danger at hand while making that holiday meal. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there are about three times as many kitchen fire accidents on Thanksgiving than any other single day. These unfortunate accidents can easily be avoided by being extra careful both while on the road with drunk drivers, or in the kitchen using your stove. It is essential to remain vigilant and focused when dealing with a dangerous situation. From Aitken Aitken & Cohn, we want to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday and remind everyone to stay safe.