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Orange County Truck Accident AttorneysMotor vehicle litigation applies to all types of accidents such as commercial vehicles, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles that operate on our streets and highways. Motor vehicle litigation can extend further than the basic car accident. This type of litigation may involve liability on the part of vehicle manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other supplies for defects in the vehicle itself. Motor vehicle litigation may also involve an action against governmental entities for the design, maintenance, and unsafe condition of our roadways which can contribute to many automobile accidents.  Further, the detailed knowledge of the use of commercial vehicles, whether tractor trailers or trucks, requires certain expertise to successful represent victims of truck accidents.

California Truck Accident Litigation

A person who negligently operates a vehicle may be required to pay any damages by that carelessness, either to other persons or to their property. Operators of vehicles must operate “reasonable care under the circumstances”. If such care is not used, a person may bring an action for damages. A lawsuit may be brought against:

  • A driver by another driver who was injured in an accident
  • A pedestrian on the sidewalk or
  • A passenger in an automobile

Truck accidents often are caused by factors in addition to the carelessness or recklessness of drivers. For instance, truck accidents may be caused by:

A defect in the truck: In these cases, the automobile manufacturer or supplier may be responsible for the injuries caused under the law of product liability.

A repair person: The person who improperly repaired the automobile, resulting in an injury, may also be liable.

An intoxicated driver:  Unfortunately, in the truck driving industry, the use of drugs can be a factor in the cause of injury.  Depending on the circumstances of the individual case, a plaintiff may be entitled to make a claim for punitive damages.

California Truck Accident Lawyer/Attorney

The Law Offices of Aitken * Aitken * Cohn have expertise in the specialized litigation facing victims of truck accidents.  Aitken * Aitken * Cohn employ nationally recognized experts to provide the highest quality representation for those injured by a commercial vehicle.

In one recent example, a 20 year old college student that was rendered a quadriplegic due to an automobile accident. For six years, it was believed that the college student was the driver of the vehicle which caused the car accident. This was alleged both by the insurance carrier and the Defendant, who was also in the vehicle. Through skillful use of investigation and expert testimony, the Aitken Law Offices was able to prove that the Defendant was actually the driver. After three weeks of trial, the jury awarded Plaintiff $6,868,494 in damages. Please see:  Legal Whodunit Solved In Quadriplegic’s Favor In Santa Ana Eight Year Battle.

The Aitken Law Offices has obtained exceptional results through its professional and aggressive representation of its clients in this area over the last 30 years. Similar to the case above, these have included several multi-million dollar settlements and trial verdicts.

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