$155,000: Yacht Crashes and Sinks in Newport Beach

CASE DESCRIPTION: Terrance R. was a passenger aboard a 60 foot yacht owned and operated by James S.  They were returning to Newport Beach from a trip to Catalina Island when James S. drove the yacht into the Newport Beach jetty, causing the yacht to sink.  All six people aboard were rescued.

RESULT: $155,000.00

TYPE OF CASE: Maritime – boating incident

PLAINTIFF’S CONTENTIONS: Strict Liability pursuant to California Harbors & Navigation Code §§491, 809

PLAINTIFF’S INJURIES: Terrance R. suffered  a rotator cuff tear requiring surgery from which he has recovered.

MEDICAL SPECIALS: Past: $10,000 paid by Plaintiff’s healthcare insurer.
Future: none

DATE AND LOCATION OF INCIDENT: August 11, 2007 at 9:25 p.m., Newport Beach Jetty, Newport Beach, California


OCCUPATION: Construction business owner

Casey R. Johnson

DEFENDANTS’ INSURER: ACE American Insurance Company