$2 Million Cyclist Injury Involving Rare Pre-existing Condition

Case Name: Nelson v. Dykier, et al.

Case Number: 21STCV17973

Court: Los Angeles County Superior Court

Final Result: $2,000,000

Result Date: March 2023



A cyclist suffered catastrophic injuries following a collision caused by a utility truck driver who recklessly failed to stop at an intersection, striking the woman and leaving her with life-altering damages. The plaintiff had a rare pre-existing condition, erythromelalgia, that caused her to experience chronic pain and discomfort after being struck by the truck. The plaintiff had discovered that cycling for many miles a day was an exercise that helped alleviate her symptoms. Still, her injuries left her with left leg numbness and severe neuropathic pain in the lower back by the tailbone, sacral/buttock region, and right side, including the perineal/rectal area, significantly limiting her ability to bike.