When Bridges Fail: The Hidden Dangers and Catastrophic Consequences of Infrastructure Collapses

In the early morning of March 26th, the historic Francis Scott Key bridge dramatically collapsed when a massive cargo ship leaving the port of Baltimore lost power and steering and rammed into one of the bridge’s crucial support columns. In an instant, the 1.6-mile-long continuous truss-style bridge folded like a balsa wood model and toppled… read more

The Dark Side of Skylights—What you need to know about the danger of skylight falls

Skylights in homes and other buildings have an undeniable appeal. In addition to adding an aesthetically pleasing architectural feature that can “open up” a room and make it feel more spacious, studies show that skylights allow in about a third more daylight than regular windows—beautiful, mood-lifting natural light that can help regulate your circadian rhythms… read more

AAC’s Metrolink Accident Lawyers Investigating Injury Crash Between USC Shuttle and Metro Rail Train

Aitken* Aitken* Cohn is closely monitoring the aftermath of an injury collision involving a USC shuttle and a Metro train near the USC campus late Tuesday morning. Sixteen people needed medical attention. The incident happened just before noon on Exposition Boulevard, between Normandie Avenue and Figueroa Street. The Metro E line train, carrying approximately 150… read more

Faces of Riverside profiled AAC Partner Megan Demshki, highlighting her recent accolades as an exceptional trial lawyer in Riverside County

Faces of Riverside recently profiled AAC partner Megan G. Demshki for her string of accolades and relentless dedication to the civil justice system. Her impressive results have earned Megan a place among the legal elite of Southern California. Securing three prestigious legal awards in 2023 is at the forefront of her accomplishments. The Riverside County… read more

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Here’s what you need to know about motorcycle accidents in our area and around the nation, plus top tips for staying safe. Written on behalf of Aitken* Aitken* Cohn It’s hard to deny the romance. Motorcyclists describe riding in rhapsodic terms: freedom, escape, adventure, adrenaline rush, unfettered connection to their surroundings, and the joy of… read more

AAC’s Chris Aitken has been named 2024’s “Citizen of the Year” by The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce

AAC’s Chris Aitken has been named 2024’s “Citizen of the Year” by The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce for his outstanding contributions to the community. A testament to his leadership and philanthropy, this honor highlights Aitken’s commitment to making a difference in San Clemente. Read press release below or click here SAN CLEMENTE, CA, March… read more

Danger on the Mountain—Many factors, from human choices to climate change, make snow sports more risky

The recent blizzard in the mountains dumped a record amount of snow at all the state’s ski resorts. From north to south, Mt. Shasta to Mt. Baldy – with dozens of dreamy, snowy destinations and world-class slopes in between – California is a winter sports lover’s paradise. Palisades Tahoe, Heavenly, Mammoth, Big Bear…. Mountain resorts… read more

Understanding Implicit Bias & the Misguided Attack on DEI

Demonizing DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) programs seem to be the political rallying cry du jour.   Most recently, social media was flooded with suggestions that DEI initiatives somehow contributed to an improperly secured door flying off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 jet. These completely unsubstantiated allegations implied that DEI initiatives led to hiring unqualified workers… read more

$1,100,000 Settlement for Auto Collision Injury with Pre-existing Condition

Case Name: Ash vs. Andrea Jo Lombardi Case Number: 30-2020-01162108-CU-PA-CJC Court: Orange County Superior Court Final Result: $1,100,000 Result Date: November 2022 AAC ATTORNEYS: Chris Aitken CASE DESCRIPTION: Attorney Chris Aitken achieved a successful outcome in a complex case involving a client with a pre-existing medical condition. The case involved an auto accident captured on… read more

$1.3 Million Settlement Dangerous Condition of Public Property

Case Name: Barioni vs. State of California Case Number: 37-2015-00033388 Court: San Diego Superior Court Final Result: $1,300,000 Result Date: March 2022 AAC ATTORNEYS: Wylie Aitken Megan Demshki CASE DESCRIPTION: This case involved the wrongful death of a motorcyclist whose family sued the City of San Diego for the dangerous condition of public property. Our… read more