Premises Liability

$11 Million Settlement on Behalf of Quadriplegic Victim in Pool Accident

COUNTY: Orange COMPLETE TITLE OF PLAINTIFFS: Isaac L.; Anthony L. COMPLETE TITLE OF DEFENDANTS: Doe Property Management Company, Doe Homeowners Association, Doe Pool Maintenance Company CASE NUMBER: 30-2020-01147908-CU-PO-CJC Complaint Filed: June 10, 2020 COURT: Orange County Superior Court DATE OF SETTLEMENT: January 8, 2021 AMOUNT OF SETTLEMENT: $11,000,000                            TYPE OF CASE: Premises Liability; Negligent… read more

$10 Million Settlement In Ryan Corbin (Pat Boone’s Grandson) Case

2010 – RYAN CORBIN At just 24 years old, Ryan Corbin had graduated from Pepperdine University with honors, written his first screenplay, and was engaged to be married. Then on a hot summer day, Ryan, who is the grandson of the legendary Pat Boone, fell through a Plexiglas skylight on the roof of his apartment… read more