$2,000,000: Negligence at Nail Salon Leads to Burn Injury Settlement

CASE DESCRIPTION: On January 6, 2009 Josie G. went to get a pedicure at a nail salon in Orange.  A customer of the salon for five years, Josie G. regularly visited the salon for pedicures.   Her pedicurist that day was one she used on a number of occasions.  Josie G. was diabetic and the pedicurist had known that because they had spoken about the disease in the past.  Josie’s diabetes causes her to have little to no feeling in her lower extremities.  While Josie’s feet were in the tub the pedicurist asked if the water was warm enough, and walked away.

The only customer in the salon at the time, Josie sat there with her feet soaking in the hot water, unattended while her pedicurist went to the back of the salon.   Ms. G.’s pedicure was eventually completed and she went home.  It wasn’t until that evening that Josie noticed blisters on her feet.

Josie eventually went the to Western Medical Center where they admitted her to the Grossman Burn Center for 3rd degree burns and a high fever.  Following this initial treatment from burn specialists, the Plaintiff was transferred to the intensive care unit.  The Plaintiff remained in the hospital for nearly a year where doctors placed skin grafts on her left foot, treated the Plaintiff for two heart attacks, and placed her on dialysis due to kidney damage that was caused by the toxins in the burns.

RESULT: $2,000,000.00- Policy limits paid shortly after mediation.

TYPE OF CASE: Negligence case regarding burn injuries and medical complications.


  • 3rd degree burns to at least one foot
  • High fever turned into difficult breathing and pneumonia
  • Mild heart attack
  • Kidney failure
  • Bed sores on the lower back

DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: January 6, 2009, Nail Star & Spa Salon, Orange, California

PLAINTIFF’S AGE: 66 years old



DEFENDANT’S ATTORNEYS: Nancy J. DePasquale, Esq. of Willis & DePasquale, LLP

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